d'Good cafe with LL & Jess + dinner with Potato + WX's 28th bday celebration + WL's place + Laser Tag + JB trip with WL, WH & Jess + Forest Adventure & dinner + haircut + 4 Love with Potato + Xmas dinner @ Itacho with HT & Alina + Homemade rice balls & Xmas dinner @ Brotzeit with sec clique + tuition with Sarah

30/11/16 Weds: Met Jess and LL for dinner at D'Good cafe cos LL wanted to know more about their charity-gifting campaign, but response was so overwhelming that all the gift forms were alrdy taken! Liked the ambience thr as usual... the shrooms pasta was alright, but the banana and rums pancake was a tad too sweet le la! We continued our chat at the Starbucks thr after, but left nt too long aft since they close earlier on a wkday.
2/12/16 Fri: It's rare that I am not on duty on a race day, so I brought Potato to have炎记海鲜汤and the claypot bah kut teh at Marsiling Lane~ too shiok wahahaha! So he rented a car, and sent me home aft dinner!
3/12/16 Sun: It's the last race meeting for the 2016 season in Kranji, and it happened to be our 11year old hero Rocket Man's farewell cum retirement day too. Thought I've nv watched him race before my eyes, but just video replays were awesome enough.
5/12/16 Mon: Potato was supposed to come over at 10+am, but he reached at 8+ instead~ when I just work up o! We wanted to try the famous 58 bah chor mee at Taman Jurong market, but apparently it was closed for cleaning on a Monday! We went nearby to eat, and happen to see another one so Potato decided to queue... half an hr!
It was not bad, but not the best I've ever had. Aft tat, we picked up Jere and WX at their hotel, and headed to Hana at Forum mall for lunch. The flying soba was their novelty~ it was nth exceptional honestly. We had their "drawer sushi", but what really caught our attention and welcomed by our stomach was their 4 by 3 omakase!
It was all very worth it for the price! Then, we parked at Kallang National Stadium and walked ard the malls thr, before finally deciding on bowling for a afternoon activity. WX said it's the first time Jere's playing o~ Not bad for a beginner haha, but all 4 of us obviously began to tire in the 2nd game. 
Our dinner was at a really popular Jap eatery: Tendon Ginza Itsuki, recommended by Jere. There were only two dishes for choosing: either the vegiie tempura or the normal tempura set.
There were a mix of veggie, prawn and pork tempura in our don. I don't really eat tempura, so I found it only okay, and too much of it was kinda腻. Birthday gal WX wanted to hav bingsu, so we also shared a bowl of mango bingsu... I liked the milk-flavoured flakes.
4 of us headed to WX's place, and played with Xiaobai for a while. *Whoa his fur满天飞lol!* Then, I went over to Potato's place to take the recording mic that Ning lent me. Potato drove me home, but it began to pour. So he came up to my place and nua-ed for a bit before driving hm again.
6/12/16 Tues: Had dinner at Westgate foodcourt, and then went over to WL's place. Her pet Creamy is obedient, but seems timid haha.
8/12/16 Thurs: Aft half day at work, Jessie drove me to lunch and then to The Cage at Kallang, ready for our laser tag game with the kids from Melrose home. We had a bit of fun, won some rounds and lost some, but towards the end, few of the kids got into a fight, so the games were forced to come to a stop.
Oh well, I guess they are pri sch children aft all, can't really ctrl their temper...输不起. Still, one of the 12yr old girl still gave a round-up speech, thanking us and apologising for her friends' tantrums made... that was pretty mature of her I tot.
10/12/16 Sat: WH, WL, Jess and I met super duper early at 8am at BB mrt, before deciding to take Uber from Kranji to go to Woodlands checkpt. Phew it didn't take us too long to cross the straits, and off we go to hav the famous金龙咖喱鱼头for breakfast o! Costed only RM60+ for 4 pax and a big pot of curry fishhead leh! I love the tau kee and the sauce~ yummy but nt too spicy!
Jess reminded us to get the banana cake (RM9.60 for big box) from Hiap Joo bakery~ and we had mille crepes from the cafe next to it! *Wow lucky we went earlier for the curry fishhead and banana cakes, cos there were long queues not long aft!* 
I esp enjoyed the tiramisu-flavoured one~ and 3 cakes only costed RM20+~ We uber-ed to Holiday plaza cos WH wanted to dye his hair. The 3 of us walked ard the mall~ and I bought myself a new phone cover and tempered glass... RM30. *My phone looked brand new aft this man!* 
Decided to go for foot massage at Thai Imperial massage since WH is the member thr. The 3 of them went for full body massage but I opted for only an hr of leg massage (RM48). The masseurs thr are Thais, and gosh I actually hav difficult while trying to use Thai to communicate with them~ alamak all I've learnt during uni days ah... 
It was a comfy massage, so much so I almost fell aslp, since I couldn't communicate much with her either. Aft which, we continued our food journey and I can't forget the yummy烧腊we had last time we came, so chose to hav it again! We added in soup this time round.
Yep, and we juz popped by one of the manicure shops at Holiday Plaza to do our nails. Jess and I only did the express manicure. It's more to remove dead skins and trim the nails for myself. WH opted for some pedicure spa package o~
WH called for another Uber, and we went to Sutera Mall. WL and I were using Eng to discuss about how posh and clean the car looked, and then he tried using his iPhone to take a phote of us 3 together. But dunno why his hp's flash wasn't working, then suddenly the driver spoke in mandarin to tell us to turn on the lights on top LOL! 3 blur sotongs ah! *还好没讲他的坏话!* 
WH recommended this boat noodle house some distance away from the mall. We had the pad thai, iced tea and 4 bowls of boat noodles. I din know there were such dishes from Thailand, but ooo it tasted super gd!
Jess wanted to try lok lok in JB, so we went for one random one nearby. It was pretty难吃la lol... and it rained a bit halfway too.

To end our foodie journey for the day, WH insisted we shld try D'Shanghai, just beside Sutera mall.
The fried rice was so-so, so were the XLB and their dessert. What's weird was when we asked for an extra set of bowl or sth, the waitress actually said it would cost $ leh~ such mediocre food and service... aiyoh nv stepping in again.
Walked ard Sutera mall while WH waited for the Uber driver to reach. WL got himself some snacks and a pair of new sandals too. The uber from Sutera mall to JB checkpt took us an hr+ leh! Then, the bus to Woodlands checkpt took another half hr or so~ and by the time 4 of us uber-ed and reached home in SG, it was alrdy 1+am.
11/12/16 Sun: I alrdy booked the 2pm slot on Sun for our Forest Adventure at Bedok. It was a fun and exciting 3hrs for us, including safety briefing.
There were a few obstacles that were pretty tough for me, including the 9m Tarzan jump. Im glad I still conquered them all, despite bruises on my left arm and right knee haha. Jess and I didn't take the extreme path at Site 2 though, but it was alrdy tiring enough for us girls keke~
Shall let photos do the talking!
There were also hilarious vids of the frightened us, as well as us flying across Bedok reservoir by zipline too~ all thks to WL for taking them! The groupon voucher for 5 pax at $120 is worthy~ heng only some drizzle throughout the games!
Had our dinner at Bedok food ctr~ really nice aft a workout!
12/12/16 Mon: Went market, and I wanted only to cut bob hairstyle initially, but the hairstylist psycho me into dyeing my hair into a darker colour, then treatment. *$73 but her nails scratched real hard on my scalp when washing hair sia~ of cos I'd nv go again la!*
Guess it's one of the shortest hair I've had since poly days... need some time to get used too, though many friends think it's refreshing for a change!
13/12/16 Tues: Potato and I went to get movie tix for "4 Love", and I finally got to eat one of my fav korean food Kim Dae Mun again~ cos we pa tor on a tues haha. Jess was in town coincidentally, so we met up briefly to try the Wow blended ice outside PS. I liked the apple and mango-flavoured ice.
Potato and I caught "爱在小红点" at Cathay Cine.
4 stories which were totally unrelated. The last one got many audience sobbing in the theatre though... including me. *I think Potato too? :P* Well, I only really liked that.

Rating: 2/5
Went to Potato's place and he cooked dinner for me, MM and his mum! I stood ard~ in awe keke~ and learnt a bit lor. He cooked麻油鸡、西兰花萝卜丝煮带子and香菇炒蛋~ nice job apprentice Toh! Aft tat, we got down to planning for our Melbourne trip nex June too. *他一直说我像小S lol!* 
14/12/16 Weds: Met Alina and HT at Itacho sushi at Jem, and we treated Alina to an early bday dinner. Had Lady M too~ nice. Alina gave me a multivitamin for our gift exchange! *我们各有各的忙,但还是会保持联系!*
16/12/16 Fri: *Happy 13th monthsary dear!* Potato came over in the morning since I told him the night before that I was gonna make some rice balls haha. We first walked over to NTUC, but decided to go to blk 500+ to get the mayonaise, seaweed, short grain rice and canned tuna fish and salmon in the end.
App Toh helped me to stir fry the kimchis while I cooked white rice LOL. Then, we mixed the mayonaise, seaweeds, kimchi and tuna with the rice using our hands. He did another set with the salmon.
Honestly, mine tasted more bland la, and I liked his more keke. But I'm glad I'm taking baby steps towards cooking hehe!
He helped me set up my mic, and then napped a bit in the afternoon. We took the train in the evening, and while I'm otw to meet sec sch friends at Brotzeit for Xmas dinner, he headed hm.
Indeed, their German sausage was gd. We shared their Xmas platter, some pork meat and salmon pizza, in which besides the sausage I tot others were only average.
We went on to hav Lady M for dessert, and shared four cakes. I still like their signature mille crepe and the other one (topright hand corner)... errr I forgot the name haha.
Pleasant chat and updates with them all! 

17/12/16 Sat: Had my first tuition with Sarah. She's a Vietnamese manicurist learning basic English. Hopefully lessons go on smooth!