Malacca trip 2016: Day 1 (18th Dec)

Ben, Jess, Potato and I came together for a trip to Malacca in Dec last yr. It was a Sunday morning and we had breakfast at 8+am at the market nearby OG before walking over to Queen's St to take bus 707. *The yong tau foo was nice.*
Crossed the 2nd link at Tuas, and well the whole bus journey took us 5hrs to reach Casa del Rio hotel. There was another 15mins walk or so to the Airbnb we booked with Yalu for 2nights for S$206: The Bridge Loft (21A)! 
A few turns in the alley from Jonker Walk, and right across a bridge near the rd junction was whr our residence is! We were staying on the second flr, with an open airwell and toilet outside our rm. It was all neat inside, with Yalu giving us some tips on whr to go for great food during our stay thr.
Din waste much time staying in the rm despite the hot sun outside. Ben was pretty much our walking guide given the fact he'd been thr previously. There's a very nice 70s feel while walking along the streets nearby our rm... kinda nolstagic haha.
Our first stop was to be the famous laksa at Jonker Walk! But before that, Jess and I tried the lime冰棒 (seen above) for RM1.50 I think~ shiok! The place was awfully crowded, and we had to wait for a while before finding seats for 4. Ordered two of their laksa, one yong tau foo and chendol to try.
The laksa is super duper yums! I wonder if it was because we were very hungry lol~ and yup even the chendol, sth I dun often hav in SG, was sweet and good. 
Potato was super game for food haha~ and Jess was craving for some durian tarts, and so we shared 6 of it~ whoa sey! One mouthful and durian moose literally came oozing in the whole mouth! Though a non-durian fan, I'd say it's nice to try one. 
Decided to take a seat at one of the cafes to take a short break. 3 of them tried diff coffees: white coffee, gold coffee and black... turned out white coffee that Ben had tasted the best keke. Yalu told us night market only happens during the wkend in the evenings, and by 6+pm, we started walking about looking for street food.
Stopped by at a Jap teppanyaki stall cos I wanted to try. Their signature grilled baby octopus with tamago sauce(小章鱼蛋黄烧) was good~   
There was a open stage for ppl to just go up and sing in public too I think. *We saw rainbow!* Bought oney water... but it tastes only of the latter.
We saw many roadside stalls selling seafood in the evening, and Potato decided we shld try some scallops and BBQ stingray.
The scallops were kinda sweet, and the BBQ stingray was not bad too. Kinda humid but we had to explore Jonker night market~ so we walked about, and I tried their "egg ice-cream", they had second round of durian and yoghurt puffs (latter tasted normal), and Potato bought this "piak piak" children pop pop game that was once sold in SG long ago.
4 big kids came by the Malacca river and Potato began throwing the pops as and when he like... trying to scare us neh! Jess tried to use her new iPhone to take a slow-motion vid of us throwing the pops under the dim street lights lol~
Our stomachs were kinda full, so we walked for a while before turning into the street of pubs nex to Jonker's. Ended up at Geographer's cafe which was Yalu recommendation. I ordered a strawberry apple mocktail to quench my thirst.
Potato had "sth" on the rock LOL... some hard liquor la. We chit-chatted for a bit thr... nice ambience. Left at 10+pm, and Potato took away 2 packets of Muah Chee. 
Oh and sth interesting before the post ends: we saw lots of decorated trishaws ferrying passengers ard. There were many cartoons like Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Doraemon and what nt, each trishaw blasting diff and mostly techno music... 有够热闹的。

*rRandom rRant: kept on kenna mozzie bite in Malacca leh~ damn the mozzies thr muz love my blood.*