Malacca trip 2016: Day 2 (19th Dec)

*Haha Potato still rmbs to shave~ 乖!* Rise and shine at 9+am on Mon and Ben brought us to try the娘惹粽. Few tables of Singaporeans were thr too, and we were lucky to get the last few现成ones. It was nt bad, with lots of minced meat in it, but not sth my family can appreciate though.
Next, we headed to hav the infamous dim sum breakfast at荣茂茶室. Had to queue for 15mins or so to get in o. It was a spread and Potato began ordering "actively"... like no need $ like tat lol!
True it was very cheap compared to SG, and the tea was definitely of help when we are eating lots oily food hehe. And we were alrdy so full aft this round of dim sums~ but guess what? We continue to eat and shop! Shopped ard for a bit at H and M, and Jess and I bought some accessories, and randomly tried on some hats haha. *My short hairstyle suits hats neh! Very artsy funky~*
Headed back to our loft to put down土产s we bought at三叔公. The weather was scorching in the afternoon, but we had to go out! 忍不住bought the big watermelon juice (RM8) to share~ sorta perfect minus the weight lol.
Walked past the Christ Church and thr was a row of pasar malam stalls. Soon, we reached St. Paul's Church gg up a slope.
Took some silly wefies thr. *Lol Ben suggested Jess and I take "model shots" thr~* Many tourist ard too.
Those are the old Portuguese tombstones we were looking at. 
We went into a mall to shun from the burning weather, and happen to pass by a small trick eye museum. Din go in cos it was kinda pricey, but we had fun juz outside of it haha.
 Gosh that reindeer decor is huge! Anyway, we wandered ard and decided to have some herbal jelly to消暑.
Crossed the road to the mall opp to try the famous Nadeje mille crepe. We queued for about 15mins wor. Ordered the original, green tea, banana choco, tiramisu and rum and raisins flavour... green tea and tiramisu won hands down for me! They were sweet, thought not as sweet as Lady M's
Oh well, we were bored in the afternoon and as there were no movies to watch, big kiddos decided to relive childhood - arcade! Saw a horse riding machine for kids too!
My fav used to be Daytona racing. 4 of us raced for a round, then Potato recorded me and Jess competing the beginner's course~ yay I won lol! Then, we took turns to play the "bang-bang" game Panic Park, whr two ppl's supposed to hit the remote swing against each other... I was the only "hyper kid" thr...
Had fun at the bb machine too... Potato's fav I reckon... but aiyah老了啦~ keke! Played one round of photo hunt too. Aft which, we went to buy tix for entry (RM30 for foreigners) to Light Sensation, that displays thousands of flower lights, as seen on WGM. Before that, we sat down to snack and pass time at Sakae Sushi.
At about 7+pm, we went into the big field. Indeed there was a large patch of land occupied by the flowers, but to our disappointment, public can't go in to the middle and take photos due to high voltage~ sian. Could only take pics and walk by the边边...
Potato secretly bought one stalk of flower for me (above in red) haha! At about 830pm, thr was supposedly a "snow fall" (essentially foam la) and so crowd began gathering nearby. The organiser blasted Eng and Chi love songs too... mostly oldies classics.
Spotted a photo-taking corner, that would make us look like we're "nearer" or in the core of the花海~
Joined in a 5mins' escape game. Jess was supposed to be locked up in the cage, and 3 of us had to save her. Gosh I could only figure out the linkage between numbers and colours in the beginning, but Potato and Ben thought way ahead of me liao... it's almost in the blink of an eye, 9mins passed and we saved her! Jess and I were still confused by some of the steps leh, and tried as Potato and Ben to explain to us gals... 我们还是blur的lor LOL. *Though technically we failed the mission, but we were alrdy the fastest team to solve the game thus far.* 
Oh well, it's an experience la. Walked back to have Satay Celup for dinner! It was drizzling, but glad we din hav to queue long for it.
The ingredients were very cheap, and their staff would come by every now and then to add peanuts and sauces to the satay sauce. It was too spicy for Potato though, so he stopped eating aft a while. It was really shiok, but kinda hot for me too.
Returned to our rm to nua aft a heavy dinner~ it's been a "food-ful" two days in Malacca for us!


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