The Lady + 2013 CNY updates (西游·降魔篇)

*rRandom tThought: Finished watching JunJin and이시영on "We Got Married" variety. They were rather incompatible at the beginning imo. And anyway, I dun really hav好感towards이시영cos she seems weird... prob. cos she's rather shy in front of the cam. And the amt of Gundam models she has is omg~*

Michelle Yeoh portrays Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese opposition politician and chairperson of NLD in Burma, and David Thewlis as Michael Aris, her late husband. The film allowed an insight into Aung San Suu Kyi's life, as told from Michael Aris's viewpoint. 
After watching the movie, I searched online for interviews of Aung San Suu Kyi's... 她果真叫人肃然起敬。In between her family and birth country, she chose the latter. Aris's support for her throughout, including the nomination for Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, proves to be undaunted. She freed her people from sufferings, in exchange sacrificing time as a wife and mother to her family. *The amount of responsibility she had on her shoulders is huge.*
Despite receiving criticisms for the film, I was rather impressed by Michelle Yeoh's acting. Her long chunk of speech in Burmese seemed to flow so well. Oh and of course, the charisma of an actress too. 

Rating: 3.75/5

I was so happy when I saw F4 on "春节联欢晚会2013"! 

Harlem began by singing "情非得已", and F4 sung "流星雨" and "第一时间". Their singing has improved, and 4 of them looks good in red and black suits, if not better than before! I like all their hairstyles now, even Ken Chu's, who was a little more plump than the others. Vanness definitely looks the youngest, cos he has such great skin! Jerry? He looks manly, but with a tinge of感性somehow.
"Meteor Garden" propelled them to stardom. I can vividly rmb watching the drama when I was ard 12 or 13 yrs old, and "fangirl-ing" over them lol! My bias? Vic of cos! *花泽类看杉菜的眼神~oh my天!* I still watch Vic's dramas/movies up till now, and he has grown into a实力派演员! 
However short this "gathering" may be, fans downstage were screaming like mad. It brings back wonderful memories, and I literally laughed at myself when I recall myself singing karaoke to their songs, buying stickers, pictorials and CDs of theirs lol. 
CNY 2013 came in the blink of an eye! I email-ed my 1st full draft to prof Cheung's last fri, and decided to have some an "undisturbed" CNY period haha. My family had steamboat as usual, just that we got a new steampot this year. *Yes mummy bought my fav ingredients when we went to the market on fri night!*
Oh and just like past years, we were not supposed to finish the food. I was so full after dinner... mummy, bro and uncles played mahjong right after. *守岁到5am!*
Rainy days on CNY... went over to grandma's place at 3pm on sun. *The taxi driver was kinda rude.* Everyone was asking me about career after graduation, and 4th uncle joked sth like: “说错什么就登报!” lol. Was in grandma's bedroom, and MJ took polariods with some of us. JH bought them for her when she went Hong Kong last nov. 
Gary came into the room randomly and took a photo of us 4 haha. I think MJ's into photography, cos she even has a DSLR! *Too bad her com's down... so she can't upload nor send us the photos we took!* Chatted with 3rd aunt, 4th aunt, YM and姑妈in the rm~ topic was practically revolving ard graduation trip, job and what I'm doing now etc.  
Back in the living rm, Gary gathered everyone for a photoshoot. 一年一次的相聚,怎能少得了大合照呢!
Angled-shot... and nope this isn't exactly a full photo of my paternal side, cos some left and some didn't go to grandma's place this yr.  
I almost burst out laughing when we took a family photo with grandma cos mum was fidgeting... cos my hair一直弄到她脸庞haha! Oh and not to forget my relatives below!
"My generation" took a grp shot with grandma too haha~ all the young people lol. After dinner, mum and bro left for home first since bro's gt mahjong session with his friends. Dad left afterwards too, and I stayed back since I was joining四姑丈、四叔, YM, SZ, Gary and Eddie for night movie at JCube!
We caught Stephen Chow's “西游·降魔篇”.
I watched one of Stephen Chow's movie in HC314 too. This film was as无厘头, and“星爷式的搞笑”依然存在,但未必适合所有观众。Some might find the humour too lame for them. 
Nonetheless, Shu Qi acted great inside haha. I liked the male lead too. As a prequel to "Journey to the West", I give credits to creativity in the storyline too... all those monstrous forms of唐三藏's disciples. 

Rating: 3.25/5
Eddie sat beside me and was LOL-ing during the movie haha... could hear SZ at times too. 四姑丈drove me home after the show... thks! 
*Eddie was saying ppl grow up, and things changed. 是吧,无可奈何的。多多保持联系还是好的。*

初二means paying a visit to外婆家!
I wanted to take photos with DX and WY but小婶kept saying they were shy and disliked taking pics... so in the end, I din pluck up enough courage to take with them~ *毕竟一年才见一次面……真的很陌生!* DX's gonna start sch at NYP, taking Biotech, while WY is having PSLE this yr. WL didn't want to take photos at first too~ until I persuaded her to take with me hehe! William's like a boss lor~ he's photogenic o! 
While the adults and bro went home playing mahjong again after lunch, XY, SF and I took pictures in my rm hehe~
Chatted about XY's exchange to Fudan uni, and she's flying off coming sunday. Anyway, they left after dinner cos阿姨's working the next day. 
2 days of CNY is over... that fast!? Lol! CNY's 15days "officially", but visiting relatives usually takes 2 days for my family. *Rest of my angpows shld come from my tuition kids' families haha!* 

Was doing a supplement on NATAS fair today, and submitted it few hours ago. 
I'd love to go on a train tour one day! Northern Territory seems fun. Oh and "Sounds of Silence" looks like a totally refreshing experience!

*rRandom tThought: 2013农历新年象征新的开始,接下来大概会经历结束校园生活和开始工作生涯交替的一年……我会全力以赴,期待一切!*


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