닥터진 + Sukiya with uni clique + The Loft Cafe and Symmetry with Jess

Finished watching "닥터진"!
송승헌and JaeJoong were my bias in the drama lol. Haven't really watched any of송승헌's shows before but dang he really is gd-looking. JaeJoong's acting也可圈可点.
One bad thing when it comes to eating and watching a show dealing with medical and operations stuff at the same time... I almost couldn't finish my sushi with all the bloody scenes lol.

Rating: 3.25/5 (0.25 for帅哥s~)

It was somewhat a CNY gathering for us uni gals last fri evening! We met up for buffet dinner at Sukiya at Bugis +! LC and MT were late, so the rest of us ordered Miso and Sukiyaki soup bases, and hurriedly grab the ingredients! I muz say the table was really small for 9ppl lor...
I couldn't really get a gd view since it was kinda squeezy, and noisy as usual cos we were so excited about dinner lol. Now that the whole gang knows I love金针菇, they kept on feeding me with it la, esp Michelle lol. WT can't stop "nagging" me whenever she sees金针菇on my plate! *Eiyr I know the rest also love lor~ not only me!* The miso soup base tasted better cos it was less salty as compared to the sukiyaki... haiz we shld hav tried the shabu-shabu too. The varieties were average, mostly things I've eaten before... so nth special in fact for a buffet dinner that costed nearly 30bucks each. 
We gave MT a lil' surprise too~ "pre-lude" to her actual bday celebration with us later! We bought her Twelve Cupcakes, which was wat she had in mind too woo!
An "angry bird" helium balloon was the additional surprise for MT too haha~ since it's almost her "icon" now keke. YQ, XY and YY left earlier while the rest of us continued to talk about our grad trip to Korea in May or June! *Yes we were getting all excited but everything's not confirmed for now~ hopefully会成行!*

Met Jess on sat! We headed to the Loft Cafe at Chinatown for lunch. Waffles and pancakes were their specialties, so we ordered the peach cream waffle and blueberry pancake, and also corn chips with salsa sauce on top of that.
The peach cream waffle was yummy~ waffle's texture入口即化yum yum! Corn chips tasted like nachos with salsa sauce to me lol... average. Blueberry pancakes were a lil' disappointing though... cos I reckon the amt of blueberry was too little haha. *Jess said she could make them herself!* There were a grp of ppl celebrating their friend's 21st bday too... so热闹haha. I reckon the place would be nice for a chat on a quiet afternoon.
*Sadly, Emily was sold out at Kki's by the time we reached at 2+pm! Bought Choco coffee and Mont Blanc for my family to try, but I think they're still too sweet for mum.*
Jess was still in the search for her Flora Chloe perfume haha. After buying my kimchis and the Pororo drinks from Shine Mart, we stepped into a random perfume shop at Burlington Square. The Indian boss was rather humourous when Jess asked about the difference bet. 2 editions of Chloe. He said sth like: "A is when you're in ur bf's bedrm he will know, whereas B is he would already know before you reach the rm." LOL~
After praying at the temple and going to OG, we sat down at MacDonalds cos the weather was super hot! Anyway the cute Pororo yakult haha!
Mine was milk while Jess got the strawberry one. Weird enough mine didn't taste like milk though haha. CNY is approaching and there was舞狮inside Mac o! *Suddenly, it made me recall how I used to run into my rm everytime there was舞狮near my area... cos my ears couldn't take the loud "bangs and clangs".*
不知不觉, it was 6pm! To think I wanted to shop at Haji Lane somemore keke~ We went to Symmetry directly instead. 
It's rather cool the way they took note of customer's reservation above haha. Saw the boss Abby and one of her co-workers that I met last time during MYpaper's interview. Chilled grapes were served!
Jess and I decided to share the squid, cod and green tea latte! *We wanted prawns, but it was sold out sadly~* 
Green tea latte was "very green tea" and powdery somewhat... Jess thought it was too bitter for her, but I kinda enjoyed the green tea taste though. 
The fried squids were awesome! We literally couldn't stop munching it haha~ esp with the sauce.
Cod ($30) was well done! The meat was tender and mixing everything on the plate,  then downing it in one mouth was shiok haha! 
*Sometimes I feel so paiseh when I'm so into "food-worshipping" lol!* After finishing the food, I took my own sweet time to finish the green tea latte haha. We were in there for like 3hrs omg! Well besides the music (which could be a lil' softer) and pricey food (about $30+ per pax... it's very reasonable for such food quality, service standard and ambience overall, but will burn the "pockets" of students like me if I go too often haha!), Symmetry is definitely the place to be at for both food and talk! We both liked the ambience there. 
神秘?知道那么多种标准后,我已经说不准了。我是一张白纸;我是黑洞…… I'm pretty much comfortable the way I am now.
*rRandom rRant: Left with conclusion and one more chapter to be edited for FYP... but still I am worried about how much changes I have to do after prof Cheung sees omg...*


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