血滴子 + Farewell lunch with XY + Dinner with QW at Kko Kko Nara + Dinner with SS at Hungry Chimps + KU's belated 23rd bday at JPot (结婚那件事之后) + Before Sunrise + Before Sunset!

Rating: 3.5/5

Special frame making... with own webbing for pic collage! It looks kinda simple and so I loved this epi of MakeShift... am gonna try it out in future! *Oh didn't know Wes was so gd at DIY crafts~*

Concert teaser for Shinhwa's 15th anniversary concert omg! I liked the black and white concept throughout the vid. *Come to SG pls! I will go haha!*

*KJK fanmeet? Omg Mayday and Jay's concert in Jun! They are all so tempting neh.*

Met XY last weds for lunch at Kim Dae Mun, since she was flying off to Shanghai in the weekend. Gave her a scarf and bracelet as a mini farewell gift cum early bday present haha. *Hope XY enjoys her sem there! And how I miss my days there 3 yrs ago!*
QW and I had dinner at Kko Kko Nara restaurant on thurs. *so much korean food for me lol...* I've been there with Regina and LL before.
QW was keen on trying their fried chicken, but imo it's a bit too salty... 重口味. I loved their spicy pork and beancurd kimchi soup though... nice as before. This place opens till 3am in the morning... nice place to sit and chat but I guess not gg there often since it's a little more pricey.

After meeting LL for lunch and buying KU's bday present, I had to finalise grad party's programme rundown with SS, so we had dinner at Hungry Chimps as we discussed. There were only 3 table of guests there~ kinda quiet and we literally had the whole corner to ourselves keke.
We were having cider and truffle fries as we discussed the programme flow, after finishing Monsieur Benedict. *真是享受~和好朋友这样“工作”哈哈!*
*My grad trip to Korea... hopefully all things turn out fine.*

LL, Jess, KU and I met up at Vivocity on sun. Our initial plan was to fly kite at Marina Barrage, but the weather was kinda gloomy these few days, so we changed plans. Watched "结婚那件事之后".
*LOL KU asked me“哪件事” at the mention of the movie title! Obviously he didn't watched the previous movie haha.*
I enjoyed this, more than Stephen Chow's CNY movie. 阿牛's humour is relatively easier for the mass to understand and laugh at probably. BBB appeared in this movie, but I dun see him as the crucial character though. Still like how the whole main story revolves ard the two families... which nv fails to remind me婚姻是两家人的事.
江若琳seriously reminds me of Gillian from Twins. And omg I couldn't take my eyes off惠英红, like hw I was during the previous movie! She's too pretty for a woman in her 50s! *I tot朱厚仁and her looked compatible keke.* 

Rating: 3.75/5

We headed to Fruit Tart Paradise after movie, and asked KU to choose cake for himself haha!
In the end, we decided on the banana choc and mango strawberry! I preferred the latter but honestly, both were yummy!
After tea time, we literally went over to JPot, which was juz steps away. Regina couldn't make it to dinner last min, and KW came later, so 4 of us shared a dinner set for 4!
With CNY melody as backgrd music in the restaurant, the whole ambience was very "CNY-ish". *I was slightly taken aback when the waitress told us we'd only hav 2hrs for dinner omg! Don't like such "rule" though.*
The special sauce was mixed according to JPot's recipe haha... sourish... 开胃. There was seafood, pork, chicken, fish and veggies. The homemade fried seaweed beancurd was not bad too. The soup base became lil' salty towards the end. All in all, I felt the variety was all right, but could be bigger in portion for 4 pax. Costed us nearly 30bucks for the meal! 
Gave KU his belated bday gift! It's 2 tees LL and I chose from Denizen, while Jess, KW and Regina shared cost with us.
KW came at 8pm and could only stay for a while, so we headed to Macs. Took grp pics there!
KW's performing at Chingay coming wkend, and the rest shld be going, except me. *Oh I might join if I'm not going for KJK's fanmeet.*

Anyway, KD mentioned the movies "Before Sunrise" (1995) and "Before Sunset" (2004) during HC313. *The next movie, "Before Midnight" is out this yr!* It's an interval of 9yrs between each movie, meaning how long Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) were separated from each other before meeting again. Shall talk about the two movies together.
I dunno why and how, but just plain talking between the male and female lead is awesome romance! *It's not as agonising as "Titanic" or like "A Walk To Remember, but just a "stranger encounter" one dreams for in life!* It's crazy how Jesse and Celine started talking on the train, and though they were headed to different destinations, Jesse persuaded Celine in going for a tour in Vienna with him... for a day.
They talked throughout the film, like how best friends would. I love how they pretended to talk via phone in the restaurant, they walked past a wandering poet and randomly gave the word "milkshake" to write a poem and oops I guess my fav scene from this movie would be them in the LD room...
The awkwardness, their eyes... omg it's so real and cute!
Nine yrs later, they met in Paris. Jesse was married with a kid, while Celine's still in no luck with love.
It feels surreal. Listening to them two talking about anything under the sun... their views, their lifes, and of cos their past. *I agree this is a movie I wish there could nv be an ending to.*

Jesse wrote Celine a novel, "This Time". Celine sang him "A Waltz for a Night". In the midst of jokes and serious talks, and even throwing of tempers, I could feel the love between the two... seemingly quiet and always there. 
Nope this isn't a secret affair, nor juz a one night stand. But they are not BFFs either. Soul mate? Yeah, possibly. 
"Before Midnight"... now I can't wait. It's cruel but I want to know how things are gonna turn out.