Kim Jong Kook press con + small grp interview + fanmeet + Mummy's birthday dinner 2013!

An article for NATAS travel fair on weds... omg I'd love to experience Northern Territory too! *Simply writing on travel is not enough... I wanna travel!*

OMG Jong Hyun's expression and "playing" with Yong Hwa from 02:42 to 02:47 is so attractive haha!

Met up with YB, Jess and James at Ichiban for dinner on weds evening. YB gt us a hp accessory each... with our names on it. Thanks gal!
I knew that the interview with Kim Jong Kook was gonna be on fri, but I already got busy since weds onwards cos was waiting for confirmation here and there... I honestly hate things when they are left hanging in the air, and esp when the event was nearing already. Woke up early thurs morning to call and interview 2 KJK fans, and rushed out my report by noon! KJKGlobal provided me with many photos of fangoods they made too... nice!
Article came out on fri. Just before I went out, CK called me and gave me an "extra job" at night, which I was hesitating whether or not to take up. *Last min stuff messes my brain up... eiyr.* Headed to M Hotel and saw a few fans at the lobby, and just when I was wondering how to get to B1, I saw 2 men blocking the escalator down. I told him I was from zaobao, but he wouldn't let me through, kept asking for pass. *I'm a freelancer~ I've nth with me gosh!* Another malay manager was nicer though... he said sth like "Ok, I trust u're from the media..." and let me through phew. 
After "taking attendance" and collecting my fanmeet tix, I randomly spoke to Rachel cos I saw her before at Tony An's interview. *She couldn't rmb me liao though lol.* Oh and it's nice of her to ask me if I wanted to sit beside her at the press con... omg a seat right in front!
I saw Mervin there too! But I dun think he saw me though. Anyway, the press con isn't very big-scaled as compared to other Korean stars, but surprisingly the media were very "enthu" in asking qns though... prob. cos he didn't set any limit to the qns nor requested to清单before the press con... which is gd!
Kim Jong Kook was all smiling! He definitely has humour. While he spoke some Eng at first, he switched to Korean after a while, when qns got more complicated haha. I can vividly rmb how he clarifies real fast that even though KwangSoo and him see each other 5times a wk... "Hey but no, we're not dating ah!" LOL. 
During the time for taking photos, it was kinda funny how the host gave him so many directions ("left", "centre", "right") for photo-taking, and he was smiling so awkwardly... doing the "twist-alike" pose lol! Oh but at the last time when he faced in my direction, he was looking into my hp cam! *OMG yes I know his eyes are small but I don't think I saw it wrongly!* My hands literally shaked a lil' when he turned and looked at my direction! 
*I wanna change to a better quality cam de hp soon!*
First time I went to an assignment with GX too! I roughly knew how he looked like but couldn't really tell that the man in cap and checkered top was him cos his hair is short now... which imo looks better haha! *I was a bit scared of him after things cropped up for Jason Mraz's concert, but he sounds kinda friendly this time.* Rachel, Gwen and I sat down somewhere to discuss about the qns we were gonna ask, since we're in a grp interview together. The PR brought us to a conference rm somewhr on the 8th flr, and after a while, the grp before us ended their interview, and so I went in, feeling excited keke. The first thing I did was to greet and趁机shake his hands of cos LOL! *OMG his palm is big and thick haha.* And Rachel really introduced she and Gwen as RM fan, while I was his fan LOL! *I nodded on the spot, to KJK keke~ so paiseh...* KJK was smiling all the way seriously... I wonder how is his temper lol? 
I have all along been pretty nervous at interviews, somemore KJK is an artiste I enjoyed watching on RM, I got even more nervous la! But I knew this was my job, and that 3 of us have discussed roughly the flow of qns, so I asked quite a few too during that 20mins of interview time. I am a fast talker, and there's this one time when I said "Yoon Eun Hye" too fast, so both KJK and the translator didn't catch my words, and I had to repeat lol~ so I told them my Korean pronunciation wasn't gd out of paiseh-ness... everyone laughed lol. At the end, Rachel asked if we could snap photo with him, and KJK was so cool about it... "Sure, no prob!"
I know my smile's kinda stiff there haha! But it's the first time I take photo with an artiste after interview neh! And he's one of my fav somemore... how can I not be excited!? The min I felt his hand on my shoulder I was a lil' surprised but managed to keep my calm keke~ Before leaving, I shook his hand again lol~ and told him "See u at the fanmeet!", he nodded and smiled haha! *Anyway I tot KJK looked gd in this outfit.*
Gwen, Elizabeth, SH and I had dinner at New York New York at Kallang shopping mall. *Oh no I dun like the cabonara pasta.* Elizabeth works at Yahoo, while SH at a radio station. *Coincidentally, they were all my seniors from NTU... CS. We all took DG9005 before too!* 
Saw MT at the queue before going into Kallang Theatre for the fanmeet. *Sadly, there was no priority queue for media though.* HG came later, and she was so happy when I told her I'd got a pair haha!
The show started half an hr late, at 8.30pm. But our seats were right in the middle... nice view! *The big screens by the side had poor screening quality though... time to fix.*
KJK spoke mostly Eng throughout! *I thought he sounded more confident at the fanmeet, than facing the media.* Played games and sang about 6songs... man his voice is splendid! Some nice pics from Mode Ent below:
HG, MT and I proceeded to District 10 Bar after that... haiz cos it's work. We sat there till about 12am, and indeed, KJK and his staffs appeared. *He replied "anyeonghasaeyo" to HG when she greeted him haha.* Walked really fast inside to have supper with his staffs I suppose. 3 of us left half an hr later, and I accompanied MT to Clarke Quay MRT, before taking cab home myself. *晚上一个人在外面走真的会莫名感到害怕。*
I liked this assignment, so I did put more effort in planning my article which was out on sun haha! *Was a lil' sian when CK told me I've to cut down on my words while in the midst of writing, and when she questioned why I didn't write the 2 article together blah... but I've my坚持hehe~ in the end the original article was kept YES!* And guess what? China fans re-posted my article on KJK baidubar (, and few fans (joyallway, sherry) praised it: "这篇中文报道的作者的文笔真好,措辞非常的到位,非常让读者有共鸣感。感谢他把钟国哥的优点都写了出来,完全表达了一个真实的金钟国。赞一个。"... "哎呀,原来此篇报道的作者也是吧友啊,幸会幸会。首先,感谢您对钟国哥的认可和肯定,其次,您的文章写的非常的漂亮,非常的流畅,一气呵成,天然而成,用词准确。最后,向您致敬,感谢您用中文把钟国哥完美的展现在新加坡朋友的面前。向您学习。 "... "原来报道是你的啊,人才啊,康撒米达"... really makes me happy when I feel my effort being appreciated.
Went downstair for dinner with my family on sat... early celebration for mum!

*rRandom tThought: Went for fortune-telling with WZ today, but I didn't get to算again. I feel it's fated... or somehow I'm not supposed to know about it lol. Shan't think about this anymore for now then lol.*