Last lesson of Aqua Spin + PocoLoco & Revelry cafe with WH, YB & WL + Salmon bento with Potato + 南京大排档for LC and MT + Mum's bday dinner + Into The Wild, Ignite VR & dinner with Potato

20/2/17 Mon: Our instructor Audrey did the collage above haha~ 4th and last lesson of aqua spinning for Potato and me. There were changes to the steps every wk, and I got to say it's not easy training your core in waters either~ It has been a pretty fun exp for me, but I dun think I would be continuing it in the near future, cos I wanna try other exercises too. 
22/2/17 Weds: Headed over to PocoLoco at Snow City for dinner with WH, WL and YB. Their crab pasta in pink sauce was too creamy, sauteed shrooms, sotong and foie gras (sorry, I can't appreciate "nua nua" de food) were meh-meh. Yes it is a microbrewery no doubt, but poor WL's beer ordered till we almost finished main dishes still nt yet served! *They hire mostly foreigners as their waiters, and we don't understand why but they have to pass info from one waiter to another to get our orders checked...* So it's deemed a overly-priced place, not worth it. We decided to go over to Revelry cafe for dessert instead.
Their tiramisu pot was yums, though it could be more chilled. We were on and on about overseas trips, and dang WH had like gd deals here and thr lol~ Greece, Khao Yai and Taiwan were all in discussions lol! Well, let's hope one of them realises!
24/2/17 Fri: Potato prepped the 3rd bento meal for us and his sis! Look at the photos and one'd think I虐待him leh~ I know he's always looking out for his sis and me, scared we weren't be full, but he could afford to cut more slices for himself a grown man lor lol! *我有给他多几片啦lol.* It's delicious! Crunchy cucumber slices too~ and soy sauce to go with. *Really appreciative cos he took the time to make it and come down to Kranji esp for me.*
25/2/17 Sat: All right! So we uni girls had a spread at南京大排档on a Sat! I booked the VIP room (minimum spending of $400, which the annoying waitress was reminding us almost every single time she walked in~) for 9 pax (Gosh lucky I did, cos the queue outside was horribly long!) to celebrate LC's wedding and a soon-to-be-mum, and MT's bday in Feb.
MT, Mich, YY and I reached earlier, so we tucked in first. The other girls came soon, and WT was the last cos she was working that afternoon. It was very filling, but sadly the茶树菇汤 and crab were sold out. We had a gd chat inside close to 10pm~ about YY's engagement, wedding shoot, MOE teachers'辛酸, LC's pregnancy and the proposal ring Potato and I bought together etc. 
It's great to see many of us moving forth since uni!
Potato brought and bought over the famous salted Tau Sar Piahs at 8+pm for mummy as a bday treat while I was out, and he hurried back to Northpt for anime movie with his sec sch buddies~ thanks o!
26/2/17 Sun: My family went out for a dinner on Sunday for mum's bday. She picked the usual zi char at Blk 496, and we ordered the bitter gourd soup, fried chicken, hotplate beancurd and sea cucumbers withs veg. My stomach was alrdy "burnt" by the hot chilli paste that came with chicken rice for my lunch, so I din eat too much during dinner. 
27/2/17 Mon: Potato and I went to MBS museum for "Into The Wild" free exhibition. We were given a set of HP each to exp this AR game. 2 of us walked ard the basement of the museum, and we saw jungles and animals like pangolin, tapir, orang utan, tiger and mouse-deer thru it, and nearing the end, thr was a simulated forest fire too. Went up to 4th flr to "plant" the seeds (and I did paid $38 to plant a tree in Indonesia with WWF staff at the end of the activity) we had and caught a short animation. It's a free event, and I reckon kids would enjoy it much. 
*rRandom tThought: Ppl would differ in their stands at times, and when the negative feelings come, it could cause hurt to both parties. Yes we're all learning, and I'm glad we are understanding eventually!*
I saw Ignite VR at Marina Square on FB, and decide to try it for an hr ($30) with Potato. He played VR games before at a exhibition, while it was my first time. Potato suggested the "Keep talking and nobody explodes" game for us to try, and of cos he would be the one defusing the bomb while I gave instructions haha~ pretty fun when I became the one to defuse too. *I reckon he's better at both defusing and giving instructions neh haha!*

Next up was the cooking game recommended by the boss for couples. I was the waitress with the remote, and he was the burger chef for the first round. Aft swopping roles, I found it really cool to be seeing a virtual restaurant in front of me and I'm actually the chef~ wow! I beat him at serving customers leh~ I mean higher points scored by satisfied customers since I'm such a gd cook keke~ *Potato was the frantic waiter who served wrong drinks LOL!*
Personally, I preferred the second game cos the bomb one requires more thinking lol. It's a Monday and there wasn't other players ard, only the bosses and us playing at diff stations haha. Nonetheless, it's fun and I wouldn't mind trying again any other time!
Bought some Korean citron tea, honey almond butter snacks and a bottle of red ginseng with honey drink at the korean mart. I got craving for Viet food, so went back to Westgate's Pho St for it. Saw the new promotion of spicy noodles with pork intestines, so I tried. So wrong a choice cos too spicy le la~ I'd better stick to the Chicken pho nex time.
Potato came over to my place for a bit at night, and we caught a bit of RM, but the internet connection was pretty bad in my rm, so we gave up watching halfway lol. 
*rRandom tThought: 谢谢你那么照顾我的感受。相比之下,我好像就小气了点喔。*

28/2/17 Weds: SRC talk about self-medication in Casuarina rm. Whoa now then I know how newly-released medicine can be times more expensive than similar drugs by the same company juz cos it's patented! Yet, the effects are the same alamak. Oh and flu is accompanied by fever, obvious muscle ache etc symptoms, whereas all these doesn't come with a cold.


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