Grandma's + El Patio mexican restaurant + That Awkward Moment + karaoke @ Junction 10 Teo Heng + SG Racing Awards 2013 + Ah Loy Thai +亲爱的我爱上别人了!

Pat, WZ and I had dinner at basement of Raffles City and Grandma's was our pick. The zi char style makes it easy for us to share our food, and there were free crackers given too. I loved the shrooms with fried egg tofu, while the三杯鸡and sambal prawn were so-so. *Alamak the prawns "shrunk" and they look more like "hae-bee" to me lo...* SGD20 per pax was a bit ex cos the portions were rather small. 
Edward and I had dinner at Holland V. Wanted to bring him to dgoodcafe but ended up at El Patio Mexican restaurant instead since the place looked not bad from outside. The nachos were nice. I ordered this grilled spicy shrimp (Fajita), not a lot but enough to fill my stomach haha. Oh and the churros with choco ganache and vanilla ice-cream was very sweet haha~
Headed to JEM and we decided to catch "That Awkward Moment".
Zac Efron wasn't the reason I watched this haha~ even though Edward joked the reason gals went for this movie was cos of him haha. *Miles Teller looks better imo, Efron's face looks fatter than his HSM days.* 
In conclusion, the 3 friends shldn't have made "the stupid bet" amongst them.

Rating: 3/5
My colleagues and I headed to Junction 10 for KTV session at Teo Heng last tues aft work. Joshua sang till his voice went hoarse... big Jay Chou fan neh haha! Zach ah... like a boss as usual... "commanding" ppl to sing lol~ *okie la~我们慢热嘛~* ZX and Daryl are the ones that seldom sing I reckon, whereas others including MY, ZN and I sing more keke. *Thks to da boss Zach for the treat!* Oh yeah we had drinks and ba-gwa while singing too... so享受neh~
Had to attend SG Racing Awards 2013 at Regent Hotel on thurs aft work. Mike drove me thr and went home to change into suits haha. LT, Jessie and I were at the lobby discussing about work before the event began at 7+pm. 
Matilda'd Silva sang jazz songs, but I thought the audio was too soft. I was at the same table with Mike, Edward, Matt, Yumi, Craig and his wife. *Debbie's dress is pretty and elegant!* 
I didn't mingle ard much, but I guess most guests there love to. Everything ended near 11pm, and luckily Mike drove me to Tiong Bahru to catch late train home. 
*I feel detached at times, but I have to learn to fit in. Trying to strike a balance now. I hope I'm not too slow.*
KU recommended for us to go Ah Loy Thai at Beach rd on sat evening for his belated 24th bday dinner. LL, KW, KU and I shared mango salad, butter calamari, fried tofu, thai steamed fish, tom yum goong and green curry... price worthy of food! *Thai ice tea was sweet but nice!* We bought a wallet from Wallet Shop for KU as his bday gift... so "KU" lor haha.
At night, we had dessert at记得吃opp Bugis junction.... KU's treat keke. 
Many raved about "亲爱的我爱上别人了" so I watched it. 李铭顺and天心had so many crying scenes... so much so that I can't take it lol. 
Wasn't as nice as“犀利人妻”but I liked the NG scenes aft each episodes... hilarious.

Rating: 3/5