YT's过大礼 + Creamier cafe with Pat + Jack The Giant Slayer with Jess + 우리 결혼했어요 + 犀利人妻 + 犀利人妻最终回:幸福男·不难 + My dream house decor!

Went to YB's place after tuition last sat for YT's过大礼. Met the brothers and sisters, as well as me emcee partner JY. YB's parents prepared lunch for us... yummy curry haha. 
The wedding cakes were cute and delicate. Oh and I even“打包”dinner back home for dad and mum, since YB's parents prepared lotsa food! YB was gg on about how gd Gmarket is, and suddenly I recalled about my taobao shopping craziness back in Shanghai, and what happened below pained me a lil...
I bought this几米crystal ball for about SGD40, got it air-flown back and look what happened!? I really loved it when I first received it, and so naturally it hurts to see such an "accident" happen to it. *“浪漫”变得如此,他们现在“旋转”不再优雅,而是乱七八糟!So sad!* And so I told myself never to buy brittle stuff like this overseas again.

CF called me while I was still aslp on mon morning to ask if I'd like to cover Jeff Chang's concert on sat night. I agreed and so went to SPH the next day to get the tix from her. *不一定要是偶像的演唱会,只要是音乐,我喜欢。*
Pat was at that area and so we went to Creamier cafe for ice-cream on that hot, windy afternoon! The lychee martini sherbet ($3.80 for a single scoop) was not bad... martini taste not too strong. Pat's horlicks ice-cream was nice too.
Had Thai food for dinner at Jcube with Jess. We "smuggled" bubble tea into the theatre too, while watching "Jack The Giant Slayer" hehe~
Nice adventure. I liked the beginning where they used "animations" to tell the tale of the magic beans. Oh and I loved how Jack (Nicholas Hoult) killed Fallon with the one bean in the end haha. The giants were a lil' disturbing though. However, I found the unhygienic giant chef very surreal, and "cute" somehow... cos挺贴近生活的lol.
Nicholas Hoult is this gd-looking young lad, but I thought Elmont (Ewan Mcgregor) has the manly charm haha! I can't help but laughed at his hairstyle in the movie cos I can't imagine a general in the olden days who has such stylish hairstyle! 
Not much morale to be taught here, simply follow and enjoy the adventure with Jack and the rest.

Rating: 3.75/5

I just finished nearly 30episodes of "우리 결혼했어요" (season 1), featuring Andy and Solbi couple! *Okie I know I'm slow cos their part in this variety was like 5yrs ago haha!*
Oh how I love watching this couple than JunJin's! Yes we all know it's supposedly "假想", on-screen couple blah, but their互动with each other is rather sweet imo. Andy's this quiet guy, rather awkward at first, yet impresses with his superb culinary skills, pool, decor etc... he is good in almost everything he does, except with words haha. *OMG so lucky to have such a husband!* Solbi's outgoing and the more active one. All the skinship and intimacy were almost initiated by her... yes fans are jealous haha! 
Being a couple for 7mths, and after watching for a while, from being awkward to comfortable with each other... the progression in relationship was natural. Both cried during their last recording together, and omg I felt a lil' sad too. 
I haven't really watched other couples on "우리 결혼했어요" except Junjin and Andy's. However, Alex and신애looks like a nice couple too. Oh and Fany, NichKhun and Yonghwa's episodes haha... when I have the time to. 
*扮演夫妇,很难不产生感情neh. Whatever, Andy is like the ultimate ideal husband imo lol!* 

Rating: 4.5/5

Yes I know“犀利人妻”的热潮早已退去, but I only "caught the fever" recently o!
I thought it took quite a short time for瑞凡to fall in love with薇恩... like after 3episodes or so nia. Yes and the way he forced安真to sign the divorce paper was too much! 
安真应该不能得上"fierce/shrewd", cos I feel that she is still kind after all, so her revenge wasn't cruel/ very bad. 天蔚was a "new" choice for安真, but as an audience, I kept thinking she shld still have feeling for her ex-husband, for a faithful marriage of 10yrs. 
Oh I love watching "behind-the-scenes" cos the actors were super hilarious almost during filming every time~ esp the "couple" 李沛旭and胡盈祯!
*Reflection on marriage... 婚后出轨的几率好像真的好大。维系婚姻不容易。*  

Rating: 4.25/5 (PS: 0.25 for eye candy王宥胜!)

Couldn't wait and finished "利人妻最回:幸福男·不" too! 
如果说“犀利人妻”更像是人生,那它的电影版本就是戏剧了。*Why can't many movies escape the disastrous fate of having to rush and squeeze many details in tat 1.5 to 2hrs of screening?!* Things happened too fast in this movie, and I don't like how most scenes were choppy in the way they were being dealt with. 
It's pretty obvious天蔚is the no. 1 male lead here instead of the drama version, cos安真's heart is pretty much already with him. Yes there were a few "hot" scenes between them, and I can vividly rmb one where the 2 got very close, like models posing for shots... 画面真的很唯美haha. 
On a side note, 王宥胜looks a lot like Aaron Kwok from the side! He's cute!

Rating: 3.5/5

Was surfing the net and suddenly rmb-ed how I discussed with WZ, about our ideal dream decor long time ago. Let's not bother whether or not I will have my dream come true next time, but I love looking at the photos of the different themes!
Modern Italian designs are pretty, and definitely looks cosy as well. Coziness is very impt in my future home decor I reckon! Simplicity is prefect to some ppl, but not my cup of tea... cos I dislike my house being "too empty".
A rustic feel to my home would be perfect! Yes I love Earth's colour: brown! All shades haha. Elements of nature bring in essential coziness into a house. I'd prefer the concept to be more down-to-earth, than glam. *Oh and of cos lots of落地窗for sunlight!*
Scandinavian style is chic too!
Tuscan! More on the glam side but still beautiful imo.
Beach cottage style: A cool breezy decorating style with sea-inspired treasures, colors and accents. Totally "breathe-able"!
Country cottage style: Bursting with farmhouse appeal. A charming mix of warm woods, rich color tones, and rustic elements. I prefer brown tone to white.
English cottage style: Going back in time with rich antiques, a little lace and china tea cups. Yes I like anything with a tinge of English... bias haha!
French country style: Dressed up farm folk style, vibrant color schemes, with a variety of fun decor accents. 

Now I don't know how accurate the photos above portray each and every interior style, but I simply loved them all! I'd love to decor my home in future, cos living in a pretty place is very impt to me... lifts my mood somewat. *Don't ask me for a favourite cos I'm torn between all!*

*rRandom eExcitement: Settled air tix to Korea for grad trip, and handing in FYP next mon! Excited, with a bit of nervous-ness... towards my near future.*


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