Dinner @ PS Hifumi with Pat & WZ + Interview @ Arab St + Francis & YT's wedding + The Impossible

Met up with WZ and Pat at PS Hifumi jap restaurant for dinner on tues. They hav free flow of side dishes there... Pat and I had like 4 chawanmushi each lol! I rather liked the raddish with squid too. My main meal of grilled salmon with miso sauce was disappointing though. Pat decided that WZ and I will be the emcee for her wedding haha! *First of my best friend's wedding I'm gonna attend I reckon?* 
Been some time since I covered大城小巷... this time round at Arab St, with Betty! It's a one-way st, neat... easy to find the shops I needed to interview. Went to Cafe Le Caire, and the boss was smoking Shisha while talking to me haha. *Oh I love those carpets!* 
The fish kebab ($13) was not bad imo, I liked the rice... 粒粒分明. Harissa was rather full... and I forgot to take a photo haha. We headed to Objectifs next, and it was like "going back home" for Betty since she studied photography thr last time.
I pretty much liked the Oliva Styled pasta ($19.90, seafood pasta) at Oliva Italian restaurant. The sunny-side up cream pasta includes egg and bacon... oh bacon's not my favourite thing haha. Bruschetta ($6.90) was an average dish, as I always find it to be. 
Sifr Aromatics was a rather pleasant shop to be in... filled with aroma in the air haha. *Yeah customising your own scent is nice~ I might do so in future!*
The uncle at Ming Sing Flowers was a humourous guy. He joked with Betty and I a lot. I rmb him being random and asking if I knew the meaning behind my English name... "Sweet Heart Always Rmb Our Night." LOL! I asked him Betty's? And he answered "9 out of 10 Bettys are slim girls." Haha~ There was a pt of time when I asked so much qns that I forgot I'd repeated what I asked, and just when he was answering, my eyes "scanned" thru my notes and saw that I already wrote the prices, and so I repeated his answers, and laughed while admitting I'd repeated my qn. Betty was rather amused by my reaction while she took photographs beside us lol. 

Did my HC313 ppt on fri... wasn't too pleased with the way I presented but it's over anyway. Oh and I think it's the first time I tried NARS nail polish... jungle red, that's supposed to be chip-resistant, long-wearing, and free from toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.
I found it easier to apply on than cheap nail polishes though. The red colour came out brighter than it looks in the bottle too. *Oh my poor short and ugly toe nails... they hav been like this since they "died".* Let's see how long it can stay like this, till before it starts fading away.
Was still thinking what to wear as an emcee for Francis and YT's wedding ysd, and the idea suddenly came on a few days ago. *Whatever... I hoped it "matched" JY's tux lol.* 
Took MRT to M Hotel, and the banquet suite was on the 10th flr. Saw bags of stuff near the reception, and YB walked over haha! *Dang she looks like a sweet persian princess~ with full make-up done!*
Poor YB looked so busy for her sister's wedding lol... and man that 4-inches heel she wore... looks painful to me keke. *I was contemplating whether or not to wear a 4-inch wedges too... lucky I didn't!* JY arrived before me I guess, and Adeline joked he looks handsome without specs on haha. *Me? I can't live without specs atm haha.*
The emcees, together with the manager, Francis, JN and another brother had a quick meeting, before JY and I did our rehearsal. *A quick rehearsal... simply read through our lines.* 
Wedding Solemnisation was at 6.30pm, and just when I thought I was free from that... Francis wanted me to do the Chinese portion of the emceeing last min! Oh well it's only a few lines but I can't recall what "wedding solemnisation" was in mandarin... so I worked ard my lines, avoiding the mention of it keke. *Yes, it's only that 2-3 lines but I haven't done emceeing for solemnisation before, and even though others praised me, I thought I sounded a bit语无伦次somewhr in my line.*

*I seldom hear praises of "pretty" on me... but it's nice to hear it from friends and even strangers... when I bother to花心思LOL!*
Goped some photos from JN's fb which I thought were pretty hehe~ Guests could go into the dining rm by 7+pm. JY and I sat with Brenda, Adeline and her hubby... others I dunno who keke. *Lucky we had a lot to chat about!*
The podium was big enough for us to place like 2 A4 scripts up there lor haha! *Seriously, we could juz念稿no prob... 害我还去背得七七八八~* 
Glad that everything went on smoothly since the start! *Clap for JY's 1st hosting as an emcee~ not bad he did!* They showed their childhood montage, and the迎亲vid... just too bad the screens were at the far sides, a bit difficult for the couple and their families to watch though. Some guys were rather enthu during the toast session too... didn't want to stop cheering haha. 
Oh and I thought it was hilarious at one pt of time when suddenly lotsa bubbles from the machine behind me appeared! Man it was blowing quite strong o... poor JY and I were being "attacked" but we had to stand thr while the couples cut the cake or do the toast I can't rmb.
It's nice that somehow emcees get to eat all the meals... without any rush lol. *Can't wait for the official photos!* Whole dinner ended near 11pm! The food was good, but I thought the waiters could be more responsive though... I was constantly thinking of how to get more water/tea lol. JY cabbed home, so I "lombang-ed" the cab too. 
*Thanks to YB's parents for the extra angpows as well!* 
*rRandom tThought: Oh no I had a nightmare, related to my own future that night... eiyr go away!*
Just finished doing MYpaper's article this afternoon, and finally done with programmers' stuff discussion with SS too. So, I watched "The Impossible", recommended by Tammy.
9yrs has passed, since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Still, it brings jitters to ppl.
Rating: 3.5/5 

ZE:A-Five's current single, "헤어지던 날" MV has this nice touch of spring to it~ can feel the boys' friendship there!

Caught U-Kiss's "Standing Still" MV too. Not exactly a song one would be addicted to from the start, but it just sounds nicer the more I listen to it. Oh and AJ's back too!


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