Resin workshop with YB + Avengers: Infinity War + Diandin Leluk with MY & Amelia + KM morning trackwork + Parents' Day dinner + Teo Heng with WZ & dinner with other halves @ Pepperoni

8/5/18 Tues: Pretty tiring working the abs today! *Still can't do my handstand properly lol~*

9/5/18 Weds: Glad that my ferritin level is normal now, though MCV is lower than normal ppl's cos I've Thalasemmia, so no more Sangobion for me after that 3 mths. *Given another 4mths to check my cholesterol lvl again~ needa work hard on that! Thinking how I can squeeze time out for exercise in the midst of my busy schedules...* 
12/5/18 Sat: YB and I met for Resin coaster DIY workshop. 2hrs of workshop which costed us $60 each. It's pretty intriguing but I don't have the creativity really~ The final pdt is out aft a wk or so, and YB did took a photo of mine and damn the order that I placed my flower pieces were wrong so it did not come out nice hmph!
Had lunch with BY and YB at the famous fried chicken zi char stall nex to it, and it was indeed shiok. We went to Millenia Walk aft tat whr we looked at some furnitures and they wanted to hav their Mac repaired.
Met Potato, Andre and MM for "Avengers: Infinity War" at Tiong Bahru Plaza late afternoon.
Action-packed sequel as usual, but maybe I don't follow the storylines intensively, so I got a bit lost as to how and why some scenes were as it was haha.
Ending was a cliffhanger as expected, but that's how they want us fans to continue chasing the sequels~ 

Rating: 4/5
14/5/18 Mon: Amelia, MY and I had lunch at Diandin Leluk restaurant at Golden Mile. I thought maybe their food dropped in standard cos nth really impresses me, not even their tom yum soup. *Glad to know xiaomei has landed herself a job in another "gaming industry" lol.*
15/5/18 Tues: Side plank was not easy for me!
19/5/18 Sat: Potato met me after my tuition with Gideon, and we had simple dinner at Tiong Bahru market. He carried his guitar around and headed over to Chillax for their late night show thereafter.

21/5/18 Mon - 25/5/18 Fri: It's the start of a hectic Kranji Mile invitational race week for me and Mike! Waking up at 3.45am for 5 days ain't very fun (esp when I had to force myself to slp at night, and then tried to nap in the afternoon when I have the time to), but the sceneries at STC kinda made up for it. WH and I had each other for company at the tracks as the poor photog had to wait up for 2, 3 hrs just to take shots of certain horses. *The way the Club facilitated arrangement for trackwork this time round is pretty bad, be it for us or the foreign media. Who gives Mac takeaways for foreign guests!? Us. Haiz. 要做大赛的暖身,那就砸多点资金。不然干脆不要做。*

Anyway, some shots I took every morning. Take a look at Ocean Emperor, Horse Of Fortune and Southern Legend (latter two HK runners ran 2nd and 1st in KM respectively) as well as some other local runners. At least the sunrise made my days better. Oh and the trackrider for Ocean Emperor Tui Miles was very young! The other HK trackrider for Southern Legend, Mok, definitely didn't look 39 too! 靓仔neh!
On thurs night, I attended PPD at Clarke Quay. Nv would I hav thought Potato would hav "stalked" me there LOL! He said I literally walked past him without noticing, and he only appeared in front of me when I was about to leave la! *I appreciate your effort la dear!*
26/5/18 Sat: WH joined WH in the press box today, and we took a wefie before the crazy race day began! 8 articles for the day so I was very seh~ What I thought was disappointing was out of 10 races, 6 were won by 4 of the visiting jockeys (Karis Teetan 2, Zac Purton 2, Alexis Badel and Jason Collett), and out of the 3 big ones, 2 (Guineas and KM) went to Purton. No doubt they probably all had rides with chances, but one'd like to see our Kranji-based jockeys win on local soil mah.
And for KM... our horses'd better buck up for the international races next year! Southern Legend (good barrier no doubt) was just toying his rivals sia.

27/5/18 Sat: Brought my family out for Parents' Day dinner which we celebrate annually in between May and June. The客家豆腐is shiok, curry fishhead (which mum wanted to hav) was not bad, but bitter gourd soup and lemonade chicken were so-so. Then again, only $50 for these... cheap already.
29/5/18 Tues: WZ and I sang at Suntec Teo Heng in the afternoon haha~ to satisfy her KTV cravings. Then, Joel and Potato joined us for dinner at Pepperoni. We shared the pastas, pizza and wings woots!