Belated bday dinner for WH @ Taman Jurong + Tuition with Gideon & mum + blood test results

30/1/18 Tues: Usual aerial yoga updates! I'm enjoying this class a lot~ feels gd to challenge myself everytime.
1/2/18 Thurs: Visited the tracks today with Jayaraju and Cherry (she drove me in a buggy thr~) in the hope of understanding more on the different courses on our turf tracks. It was sth that confused me for a while, but at least I got the clear pic of how they are now.
Met YB, Jess, Wl and WH at Taman Jurong food market to try the famous BBQ stingray and crayfish for WH's belated bday dinner... shiok! YB's colleague recommended their fish head steamboat too... the soup tasted really gd the first round with the meat in thr, but it got bland aftwards. 
The bday boy wanted dessert, so we went over to this circus-themed cafe for waffles and ice-cream. Very comfortable environment inside, and I think the choco waffles is gd! Ice-cream servings were generous too.
2/2/18 Fri: Met up with KQ from CaptionCube to know more about their subtitling jobs. *A pity no VO assignments alrdy~* Tried doing one epi of drama and transcribing the song lyrics... it's mentally exhausting, my ears were about to go deaf aft repeats of the same songs, and not to forget I'd spent a wk to actually finish a 1-hr epi sia! *Well, I think I will help out ad-hoc only as and when I can la~*

3/2/18 Sat: Had Chi tuition with Gideon for the first time. *Wouldn't hav guessed the whole family's Singaporeans!* He took Chi B in sec sch, but tot could speak Mandarin better so as to communicate with his colleagues now. I hope to help as much as I can la!
6/2/18 Tues: I thought the stretch in the hammock was nt difficult. Diana praised me when I could stretch my hamstrings pretty well, but deep inside my OS was "... cos there wasn't much core work today~ if not I would hav been too tired to stretch out at all haha!" 

7/2/18 Weds: Booked an appt at 10.30am to see my blood test results. Forgot that I had to take a blood pressure, wt and ht readings prior to seeing the doc... though nervous as usual, but gd to see tat my readings are normal (128/72). Waited another 45mins or so before I saw an Indian doc. His mandarin was very gd... even said“红血球”to me lol. 
I'm happy that my overall iron and ferritin lvl has improved (though still low) and my haemoglobin is in the normal range now (but still on lower side). Doc still prescribed me 3mths of Sangobion and asked me to go back for another blood test aft tat period. *It's pretty obvious, I don't get so tired easily nowadays as compared to last time.*
Cholesterol-wise, though it did get a teeny-weeny bit better, the overall lvl and LDLs are still high. (HDL and Triglyceride are good). I have been exercising (probably still need one more cardio class a wk) alrdy, but I think it's time to pay attention to what I eat. I reckon the reason I hav high cholesterol muz be that I had too much seafood all along since young, yet yet I don't exercise at all. Haven't been忌口-ing, so I reckon I got to start cutting down on seafood, and having more oatmeals, salmon, garlic, ginger and turmeric drink regularly. *Not keen on taking Statin at all cos hav been reading how it's bad for the body in the long run... in fact all Western med are.* Hopefully it will improve further in 3 mths' time!

10/2/18 Sat: Had Boon Lay power Nasi Lemak for lunch cos I met BY to take the butter and almond cookie ($27) made by his friend. Personally, I'm not a fan of all these CNY food, but I bought to share with family and friends la!