Aerial yoga + interview with CC + Police Force awareness lunch talk + 我写我的歌 & WX's place + aerial yoga

15/8/17 Tues: Second last lesson of aerial yoga~ it was all about stretching the thigh muscles~ 会酸喔。
16/8/17 Weds: Brainstormed for possible stories to do, and Mike assigned CC Wong's story to me. Had a gd chat with him at the canteen, and sure enough, I was busy alone with that one story~ writing both the Chi and Eng articles. Glad it turned out not bad.

17/8/17 Thurs: Attended the Awareness lunch talk from Police Force last min cos Francis said there's still space and lunch available. I'd alrdy hav the SGSecure app~
19/8/17 Sat: Headed down to Breadtalk IHQ at Tai Seng to catch Potato help two other bands with bass in the我写我的歌semi-finals. Aft the first band performed, there was a power failure with the set-up, so we all had to wait and hav dinner in the meantime. *The tom yam chicken noodle at the foodcourt was surprisingly gd!* It was only until 7+pm that the power came back, and the remaining 11 bands could go on with their performances. One of the bands that Potato played in managed to go thru to the finals on 30th Sep, and the title of their song composition is "Mocha" haha!
2 of us went down to WX and Jere's place and reached only about 9pm. YB, BY and the couple were playing with their neighbour's 2-month old daughter Stefi haha. 
21/8/17 Mon: Potato came over aft sch and lunch, and we had a gd chit-chat~ flipped thru my Thai books and some food recipes that I kept over the years haha. *Mum somehow cooks dumplings whenever he is here lol~*
22/8/17 Tues: Last lesson of my first cycle of aerial yoga lessons. There were quite a number of newbies in today's class too. Did the "cresent moon" pose haha~ but there was one pose which I couldn't get~ hmph! But nvm, I shall succeed the next time! And I hav PH joining me in future classes haha. *Arghh and Diana kept reminding me to loosen my tight shoulders haha.*