Home-cooked cheesy army stew + swimming + Beauty and The Beast + Tsuta Ramen & Logan + TV interview + Zanzibar travelogue + The Boss Baby

14/3/17 Tues: Done my annual appraisal with Simon, Jess and Mike. I would be doing more initially, but I don't think so as I got to work solo again soon. Oh well, not that I'm new to this, but it would be a bit more diff to make arrangements to go on leave as and when I'd like to. *Have to work out a more flexible working table for myself.*
18/3/17 Sat: Potato bought the ingredients for our hm-cooked army stew with cheese omo~ WX and Jere popped by later, and Potato's mum joined us for it too~ shiok for a start, but it gets salty towards the end of cos haha. *Happy 16th Monthsary to Potato too! He bought me Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!*
20/3/17 Mon: Promised Potato to learn to swim properly after cycling. It rained in the morning, but luckily the weather was welcoming in the late afternoon, so we walked over to Yishun Safra pool for my "lesson". 
I did frogstyle at the 1.2m pool nia la~ and at first, as I am still a bit fearful of waters (since the "drown" in sec 1), I panicked a little about staying for a few breaths underwater, but soon got better and used to it. We went over to the adult pool and I was "greedy", wanna do some treading but failed miserably la~ My main obstacle is the fear aiyoh~ needa overcome it with a few more swims! But I'm glad I swam! Bought some clams, spinach and shrooms back home, and Potato wanted me to whip up my own shrooms dish, liked how Gordon Ramsey did in a vid. I repeat, Gordon Ramsey leh!
Oh well, it's really some oil on the pan, some salt and a small slice of butter (Potato added) and the shrooms~ felt like I cooked a while for the shrooms to soften. He microwaved the spinach with carrots, heated up the marinated chicken thigh meat his dad prepared and steamed the clams. 
He tot my shrooms lack salt haha, yeah I agree la, and aft some time the "shrooms" smell is really quite heavy... u won't like it if u are not a shrooms lover lol. Then again, it's satisfying to eat what we prep ourselves! *His mama said shrooms nice... she very nice liao haha~*
22/3/17 Weds: Jess and I had dinner at GreenDot. Tried their laksa... nt bad though I miss my tom yam soup based noodle la~
It's a musical! *A bit surprised though I tot Emma's singing voice dun sound like her haha~* Hmm I like Belle's strong character of cos, but Beast eh... so-so la. To me, the other "non-human" characters were much more attractive than Beast lol.

Rating: 3.5/5
27/3/17 Mon: Wanted Potato to accompany me to try Tsuta ramen, the Michelin-starred restaurant from Japan. No queue by the time we got there at 11+am, he had the shoyu based one while I took the shio one. I chose a lighter flavouring while he wanted a heavier one, and indeed, his was kinda salty, and one could smell the truffle very distinctively. I kinda liked mine though. But all in all, it didn't impressed us so much that we would wanna go back a second time.
Aft walking ard for a bit, we settled down at Lady M cos I got sudden cravings hehe~ The original caramel mille crepe is a must to me, and so he ordered the choco one. It was raining a lil', and we had some chat about our future, like savings etc... felt gd! *I'm happy that Potato's nv stingy on me.*
We watched "Logan" at Cathay Orchard. It was better than I expected! A pity Charles and him died, but I guess that's a reasonable ending to the show.

Rating: 4/5
Stayed over for a while at his place, and I had to leave home to do a bit of work.

28/3/17 Tues: Did my interview with a syce, two farriers and a track rider at MRA office in the afternoon. BCS team was ard to do the TV interview too, and it's my first time "coordinating" as a TV reporter too haha~ lucky I don't hav to appear on screen haha. 
30/3/17 Thurs: My article on Zanzaibar was finally out! It's only my second travelogue aft Jeju Island, and though it took me a while to consolidate and summarise all in my head, I enjoyed writing it pretty much. *Love reading other travel articles too, and I always think I've a lot more to improve on, but hwaiting to myself!*

3/4/17 Mon: JQ came over to do a review on my policies. Potato came over in the afternoon too. *He hid the pants he bought for me from Modparade under my pillow lol~ it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless!*
We headed out to JEM to watch "The Boss Baby". I'm not a fan of cartoon movies normally, but I jus tot the show looked funny from the trailer.
Kids hav enormous imaginations man! *I used to too!* Quite enjoyable for a non-cartoon fan like me.

Rating: 3.25/5
Had可爱鸡at Jcube for dinner, since Potato went to check out the VR game shop thr. Aw it tasted bad... too salty for my dory fish and pasta. 
*We had a gd chat about our future again, more in-depth this time. Thanks Potato~ feels gd to know we're working towards it together!*

5/4/17 Weds: New P and CE BC was sharing quite a bit on his view and dreams for STC at the sharing session. I liked that he dared to dream, and I agree "why not?". 现在我们面临危机,那就要把握生机,才会有转机。I disagree with the“等退休”的心态some staffs hav here, or the "change is impossible" opinions. How to improve like tat? He's a fresh breath of life I reckon, hope he brings some positive change asap.