SIRF festival 2015 + The Encounter part 2 & zichar @回味中泰小厨 + dinner with poly clique + Milk & Honey dessert + Mother's Day Mookata + Amelia's bday + Mookata with Jess & LL + Yoogane + Fun for All 2015 + RDA Charity Ball @ USS + Night At The Museum 3

It's the time of the year again... for SIRF 2015! 
It's the time when I have to wake up at 3am to attend early morning trackworks at Kranji, to watch the international horses work at 5am. And I have Amelia for company this yr!
Watched the international horses worked, together with Amelia, WH and Charmaine. Then, we had the yummy buffet breakfast at the Lotus rm aka Media Ctr at 6am. Yes and one of the perks for a really tired morning was seeing the diff sunrise for the four days that I reported at dawn for work.
Mike, BK, Amelia and I were all super tired during the week of SAIC of cos. I didn't even join BK and Amelia for the chill Party at Queen's Club at Esplanade mall this yr... only finished my translation at ard 730pm on that thurs. However, Amelia and I did attend Gala dinner at Ritz Carlton ballroom. 
Took photos with Jessie and Clarissa, and then Amelia and I headed to the "snake booth" to take photo with the snake before dinner commenced. *Honestly, I would not dare to take the photo if it's only me... luckily Amelia was uber daring haha!*
I loved the starter and the cod fish! Dessert spread was outside the hall, and Amelia immediately went looking for the Australian journalists after desserts. I joined in the talk, and got to know Tim, Dean and Alex.
And of cos, not forgetting to take pics with bro Justin and Daryl!
And finally D-Day came on Sun! Even auntie and the guys were all dressed up~ so I snapped pics with them!
The tough week came to an end! Congrats to the Hong Kong representatives Dan Excel and Aerovelocity for winning the SIA Cup and KrisFlyer respectively!
On the tues aft SIRF week ended, I met up with Ben, Jess, James and YL at Lavender to continue our 2nd attempt at solving the mystery at "Mrs Fong's place".
Awesome! We managed to solve The Encounter's escape room~ with lots of extra help given by the helpful staff haha! Took us 51mins to complete the game, though by right we were only given 45mins and 1x helpline haha. Honestly, we didn't take too long in the room deemed to be taken longest to solve by most other players haha. PH didn't come this time round cos she was sick, but I'm sure we can all go on to the nex round from here!
Then, we headed to回味中泰小厨for Zi Char recommended by Jess. I esp enjoyed the green curry fishhead (huge~), fried brinjal and the pineapple fried rice with pork floss. 
Met up with XN, WZ, Pat, LX and Joy for dinner on tues. 6 of us shared two huge pizza, very much worth it. *So envious of LX's trip to New Zealand~ I wanna go thr too one day!*
Clarissa waited for me to finish doing my analyses on weds before we headed down to Bukit Batok home team's Milk and Dessert cafe for some dessert. Fruit cake was nice.
Introduced dad, mum and surprisingly, bro too to Mookata near home for Mother's Day dinner on sat. Think they pretty much enjoyed it, though mum complained the soup had too much MSG in it, cos she was all thirsty after tat.
Mike had me go get a bday cake for Amelia's surprise 19th bday celebration in office on weds. I bought the Hazelnut choco cake with alcohol from Bengawan Solo. The journalist team managed to surprise Amelia in the afternoon haha~ all Mike and his idea lol~
I had Mookata again, one wk aft, for dinner with Jess and LL lol~ We'd completed Elmo's nano blk in the afternoon, and headed to a cafe nearby my house at night... so-so. 3 of us chatted till about midnight ltr on... omg so much to talk about into the night haha.
Anyway, QW reported to work on 2nd Jun, and she will be the 2nd Chi journalist cum translator here! She treated me to dinner at Yoogane at Westgate that evening... oh nice to hav the Korean food again aft some time.
Mike, QW, Amelia and I had lots for dinner at the Fun for All 2015 event, jointly held by STC and Toteboard on thurs night, cos we had so many coupons! QW, Amelia and I even joined MY and Clarissa for dessert aft that!
Had all the stalls selling retro food, and we saw Munro and his two sons queuing for photo booth too. *Whoa he hugs one with each arm sia~* And to QW and my surprise, we saw Jemin at NKF's charity booth too! She hasn't changed a bit neh!
QW and I joined Jessie, Mr Koh, Ivan, Eric and wife and Simon and family at the RDA Charity ball at USS on Sat evening. Gosh some guests were really dressed up as Elvis Presley etc for the "Back to 1965" theme.
Went for "Lights, Cam, Action" twice, and sat "Transformer" ride once more woohoo! Dinner was buffet... average. Auction went on during dinner.
Caught "Night At The Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb" that QW passed me.
Loved this. Laughed pretty hard at some scenes haha.

Rating: 4/5