Mum's belated birthday dinner + Ah Boys to Men: Frogmen + STC Dinner & Dance + chill-out @ Shuffle + Manicure & Ming Jia korean food + SY's wedding + Paying tribute to LKY + JQ's client appreciation dinner @ Tiramisu Hero cafe + ZN's farewell dinner

Didn't manage to reserve a table at Putien, so we had the usual zi char for mum's belated birthday dinner, and the dishes were yummy! Nth beats the fact that the family can sit down together for meals~
Jack Neo's local production filled with the usual SGrean humour nv fails to make me laugh! Jess and I caught the movie, and it's definitely worth it. *I caught a few glimpse of SZ in the movie too!*
Training of frogmen is tough, the leads acted pretty well too. Liked the fact that they all have distinctive characters, and enjoyed the overall movie plot.

Rating: 4.25/5
It was STC's Dinner and Dance on a thursday night at Orchard Hotel. Daryl and I cabbed down to join the rest. We all received the selfie stick as our welcome gift! *ZX immediately used it to take photos of the table haha!* Oh and we all took some grp shots together too.
And u know, gals like to take groupies together in the washroom too lol~
The food was alright, and there was band singing, the "best-dressed table" competition and comedian entertaining us. What's best was of cos that I won $40 Fairprice voucher la haha~
Took a selfie with Joanne while waiting for cab, but sadly I couldn't get any, so joined Daryl, Clarissa, ZN, Shevon, Michelle, Benson and Damien for a drink at Highlanders pub at Clarke Quay.
Left at 12+am cos some of them has to work in the morning on Friday.
Met up with WX, Jeremiah, XZ, YF, YB, Rick and Stephen on Sat night for a chill-out gathering at Shuffle.
It rained, and I didn't bring umbrella when I reached Clarke Quay, so Rick borrowed YB's umbrella and walked over to fetch me. *But the poor umbrella's handle was "severely bent" aft Rick's chair sat on it the whole night... lol.* The band's singing was so-so, but the food was not bad. I tried "Snowball" that YB recommended and it was gd. Hard liquor Baileys on the Rock tasted creamy and sweet too, like Orea with Vanilla haha. I had to work on Sunday, so Rick sent Stephen, YB and me home. *OMG I said so many wrong things that night keke!*
Jess and I met up on Mon afternoon to do our manicure at J Nail Studio at Bukit Timah Plaza. My nails were done by the elder sis, and though she was quiet, the end-pdt came out pretty sweet~ haha not my usual style but I thought since it was my first time doing, I should try a "safer design". $45~ oh nt very cheap for someone who doesn't frequent nail palors often, but theirs was not bad... so I would consider gg back in future!
We had Ming Jia korean food for dinner... shared their seafood pancake, beancurd soup and bibim bap and drinks... all for only $14 each. Jess loved the pancake la, while I liked the bibim bap more hehe~ Then, we randomly stopped by a cake shop to try their matcha cheesecake... oh too cheesy and and soft for me.
Met with Ben before we headed over to SY's wedding dinner venue at Peony Jade restaurant. CZ greeted us at the door, and we headed upstairs to the tables. I finally saw Jaya, Simranjit and MY a few yrs!
It's a simple wedding, but SY looked very beautiful that night. I enjoyed the dishes too, and yup helped Jaya finished a few of her portions as well lol. *SY revealed she almost wanted to invite me to be her emcee~* 
Had a great night catching up! And I wish SY and CZ a blissful marriage forever!
Company gave half day off for staffs to pay tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, so MY, Clarissa, Yvonne, Michelle, Amelia and I left in the afternoon on Weds, initially planned to go to Parliament house, but the 8hrs queue was a bit too much, so we went to Tanjong Pagar CC instead.
Left our words for the great Mr Lee. I bowed as a sign of respect to the founding father of SG. Ruling with iron fist might be debatable, but to be able to transform SG from a third-world to first-world country is an awesome feat. 
We might not find another LKY in future, but he has done his part for us; it's time for him to rest, and for us to carry his achievements, and improve further along the way.
JQ invited me to her company's client appreciation dinner at Tiramisu Hero Cafe on thurs evening. Had a pretty filling dinner, and the matcha cake was nice. 
Had a game of investor psycholgy game~ Keisha and I were both safe investors, so we did little btw, but u know when u win (esp when I picked the green ball and we earned 4X the invested amt), u started to get braver/greedier, we stepped up our stakes la haha~ but Keisha and I also made sure we consider the worse scenario, nt to go bankrupt, like Alex did haha.
So we had $100K capital, and ended up with $710K aft 20rounds~ woots!
MY drove Michelle and I down to Orchard Central and shopped for a bit while waiting for Daryl, ZN, Clarissa and Yvonne. Michelle recommended this thai restaurant for ZN's farewell dinner ysd. We had buffet style thai food but I think the food was too spicy for my weak stomach haha... diarrhoea in the middle of the night. Yvonne started by sharing her "supernatural encounters" and the rest of them did too~ Then topic moved to ZX somehow, like his "love-hate relationship" with MC lol. 
MY and Mich left aft dinner, while rest of us sat down at Starbucks for a chat till midnight. After Yvonne left, 4 of us intended to sing karaoke but sadly the Ten Dollar KTV Clarissa talked about was alrdy closed... so we walked to Club st to find a karaoke pub. ZN and Daryl were not comfortable singing in the hall, so Daryl and I cabbed home, while ZN and Clarissa went somewhr to drink.
*rRandom tThought: 猜测好像变得没有意义了。得时刻提醒自己不要太容易相信人。居心何在?搞不好“说者无意,听者有心”。 抽离。时间。可以。