Terrace House: Aloha State & dinner with Jess & family + SITC Yoga Stretch + BBQ with SS and family

29/9/17 Fri: Finished the second VO session in 2hrs~ phew! *Organic chemistry terms ain't easy neh~*

30/9/17 Sat: Went over to Jess's aft tuition and we caught some episodes of Terrace House: Aloha State on Netflix.
Nice to see new members in Honolulu, but I felt that there weren't as much drama as compared to the episodes in Japan in the beginning lol. Even if it was towards the end of the season, it was probably Cheri that I din really liked. Wez was "ambiguous" in the way he treated Anna, and well Taishi... good that he found "the love worth dying for" -- Chikako in the show aft gg out with so many of them haha!
Yuya and Avian looked gd together too, and I liked how bubbly Avian was, though Yuya seems a bit too young for her. Oh for the pro surfer Guy Sato and Niki Niwa whom sort of "worked out but yet din work out"~ 暧昧lol~ I tot they look cute together.
Oh well, I think I will still watch if there's a new season!

Rating: 3.5/5

Jess, her two sis, youngest sis's bf, mum and I ended up gg for dinner together to JP's Paradise Dynasty (?) in the evening. Jess treated everyone to it, and it was then that I knew her second and third sis, sis's bf and I are all October babies lol!

2/10/27 Mon: Woke up at 6+am just cos I signed up for this free SITC yoga stretch lesson at JE's Real Yoga at 7.30am. It was an hr of yoga stretch... some poses too deep that I can't help but feel my limbs getting numb. That room was kinda small, and I feel that the mats are placed too closely tooeach other... neat but I feel we could space out more. I did take a look at their yoga classes available, but nah the place and instructor somehow juz doesn't appeal to me. *And at least for now, I feel rish-and-shine yoga lessons are not for me!* Headed to market for my sauna detox session as usual, and trimmed my eyebrows.
3/10/17 Tues: Did the“嫦娥奔月”pose cos Diana said it was Mid Autumn period~ I think it's manageable, but I just din stretched out my right leg fully in the photo.
4/10/17 Weds: Potato came over and we discussed a lil' on our hol trip in Dec. Planned for Iceland initially, but due to financial worries, we skipped that. Bhutan came to mind randomly, and I did my research etc, but it's still kinda ex at USD2100 per pax for 4 pax, and well we couldn't find friends who can go with us, so plan aborted too haha.
7/10/17 Sat: Met Potato at Pasir Ris, and we bought Apple Strudel and a bouquet of flowers to congratulate SS for her "grad" from teacher's observation! Potato helped start the fire for BBQ as soon as we reach~ *认真的男人很帅哦~*, and soon, John, SS, Jenny and SS's bro all came to help BBQ the food! *John's mum's curry was shiok!*
The session ended at 9+pm, and we headed up to their rm for a game of Cluedo that Potato brought along. We had 3 rounds or so, and it was pretty fun, even if I din win any! Lucky I managed to hop onto the last train to Joo Koon~ hm at nearly 1am.
9/10/17 Mon: And I'm done with all the VO sessions yay! The last one only took about an hr, and then YR and I went for lunch at this yong tau foo stall at Cuppage Plaza. Came hm and I researched on Chiang Mai and Pai, the activities to do and places to stay etc~ took me about the whole day neh! And finally we're decided on these two places... 9D8N trip in Dec! *Air tix itself per pax is about S$450*.
10/10/17 Tues: Ouch I can feel my aching thighs and hands aft stretches and planking. There was this one last set of move which contained three steps, but I couldn't even do the first one cos my leg juz wouldn't stretch out straight LOL. I reckon it's the weak leg muscle haha~ hwaiting to myself and PH!


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