Aerial Yoga + Genki sushi with HT & Alina + LL's bday @ Masizzim & VR game, Oppa BBQ & darts + Tskuji Sushi Takewaka & Transformers: The Last Knight + Emirates PPD + Pin Xin catering & desserts + DM farewell lunch + Nua PotaTOH's date + visit to Yishun Pri & dinner + 四马路&Tom Yum Mama + swim & beer rice &真正男子汉2

27/6/17 Tues: Started my hourly aerial yoga lessons at ITE College West. Seems like full attendance on a tues night~ Diana was very patient with beginners, and even though I had one trial lesson of aerial yoga previously, fear still got to me when we were asked to do some moves like inversion and half hand-stands. And it must hav been some time since I did exercise regularly that I had serious DOMS for the next 5 days or so~ muscles worked in aerial yoga = no kidding sia!
1/7/17 Sat: HT recommended Genki sushi for dinner, and Alina and I treated the bday girl to it. Then, we had a gd time chit-chatting like kids at the open rooftop of Bugis+. We're all facing different situations in work and relationship, but it's nice to share and talk it out.
2/7/17 Sun: Regina recommended Masizzim at Somerset 313 for LL's bday lunch, and I kinda enjoyed their "hand-made riceball" and rice barley drink. Their chicken stew was a bit too spicy and the meat was too dry though. Jess baked a strawberry choco cake for LL and Tiramisu for us too~ tasted yums!
Then, Jess and I headed to JCube and tried the 1-hr VR game... $15 per pax and $10 for a lifetime membership. We had to go through their tutorial first before we could start our session. Damn we were really bad at "Keep talking and nobody explodes" so we kept "exploding" LOL!
Jess tried this rm escape game too where she almost tore the whole place down literally~ 太好动了~ There were many horror games it seems... haiz don't really suit me.
Went to meet YB, WX, BY, Jeffery, Iris and bf and another friend for Oppa BBQ~ it's the couple's treat aft their wedding. There were so much meat for us la! Had a session of darts aft dinner. They ordered two towers of Carlsberg and I had lots of beer for the first time in my life leh, cos the waitress wouldn't stop pouring into our glasses...
Oh wells took me some time to get used to throwing darts again haha. WX left earliest, and the rest left as a gang, so Jess, Jeffery and I cabbed home at 11+pm.
3/7/17 Mon: Potato, Amelia and I met for lunch at Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka, cos the xiao mei says it's gd. They hav a lunch set promo for their Chirashi Don, and it tasted awesome~ portion nt that big but I reckon pretty value for money and still filling for me. Discussed about Amelia's yolo trip to New Zealand before her sch sem starts, and it definitely looks exciting from her photos. We visited the food fair at Ngee Ann City, and I had a bowl of sharks' fin soup~ bland. Potato liked the Tai Cheong egg tart that we bought too. 
Potato and I headed back to JE for dinner and "Transformers: The last Knight".
Enjoyed the show pretty much, though we din get to see Optimus that much often. The "evilness" of his wasn't that thorough though I feel.
And there's always a sequel to it. I'm waiting.

Rating: 4/5
4/7/17 Tues: Second lesson of aerial yoga, and I'm feeling more aches to my thighs because of the leg stretching exercises we had. And I got to say I'm pretty bad at aerial plank~ can't sustain for long, but Diana told us to do only how much our body can take, cos it shld improve over time.
5/7/17 Weds: Annual Emirates Derby PPD at Chinatown Pt. 
6/7/17 Thurs: YB, WH, WL, Jess and I met for dinner at Pin Xin Catering. I liked the wasabi prawn. Then, we continued our gossip session at the cafe at Home Team NS~ much laughter haha!
7/7/17 Fri: DM dept had our last dept lunch together at Sushiro. Waited 40mins jus to get joint tables sia~ that's sth about their queue system that I didn't liked. The premium chirashi don tasted really gd~ and lots of sashimi in thr, but I juz couldn't finish the rice anymore...
Had kopi session at Yakun upstairs with the colleagues, and some whom we bade farewell like HP, Chris, MY, CK and Jessie. DM no longer exists, but I've had a gd 4yrs with them. 
8/7/17 Sat: Jio-ed Potato for lunch at Boon Lay market... Power Nasi Lemak. 
Then, we nua-ed at my place. For dinner, we tried the vending machine take-aways at Lakeside. We had to heat up the mushroom soup ($2) ourselves, and while the staff heated for us the first round, it wasn't fully warmed up cos the centre portion was still cold, and we had to do it a second time. The taste was a bit bitter though. Potato's chicken curry rice ($4) came out fine, but another machine heating up my salmon spag ($4.90) was faulty~ so the staff had to take it out and heat up themselves. It's meh-meh... definitely not gonna have take-aways thr again unless I'm bored lol.
10/7/17 Mon: Headed over to Yishun Pri to visit Potato's workplace~ whoa pretty big office haha. We decided to hav the Jap dry noodles with dumplings his father made for dinner~ quite shiok wor. *Look at the kiddy Potato doing silly stuff below~ keke!* 
12/7/17 Weds: Surprise bday bouquet for YB! Hoped it added happiness and excitement before her honeymoon trip to London!
15/7/17 Sat: Visited四马路观音庙with Jess aft tuition. Then, she was nice to accompany me to Somerset 313 to collect my movie vouchers from Singtel, and we had the green tea toast from Tuk Tuk Cha. Very sweet in our opinion.
Took bus 167 to Upper Thomson for the claypot seafood tom yum noodle at Tom Yum Mama! We chose lvl 2 for spiciness and lvl 1 of sour, turned out pretty gd. Their Kang Kong was so-so, but I didn't enjoy the fried chicken cos it was way overcooked. Their mango salad was suprisingly refreshing though. Costed us about $20 per pax. *Lucky I ordered a glass of green milk tea cos I desperately needed it to wash down the hot and uncomfy feeling aft tasting a chilli seed at the tip of my tongue!*
Wanted to watch "Spidering Homecoming" but it was kinda packed on a Sat, so we ended up sitting by the ice-skating rink and chit-chatting for the night lol.
17/7/17 Mon: So my Potato planned the "course meal" above aft we decided to try out beer rice recipe online and I asked him to think of what to match with beer rice~ Minus the beer as desserts, furikake and kimchi in the soup, and swop pork for chicken meat, we basically had everything esle! Loved the spicy marinated chicken with Swiss shrooms~ miso soup and veggie was nice too.
Gd meal aft a lazy swim in the afternoon. Still not gd at it but I think my weakness is the tendency to get nervous pretty easily. Have to remind myself not to and then I can do it!
Yes and aft meal, I "forced" Potato to watch "真正男子汉2" with me. We'd watched many episodes together already, and although I'd already finished watching myself... still have pretty bad "withdrawal symptom" cos I miss王威班长and刘金沂队长a lot haha!
It's China's NE show, so as to attract more ppl into their army. It's alrdy season 2 and their focus is on Commando Air Force unit雷神突击队this time. The eight artistes that participated on the show consists of mainly actors and actresses, as well as swimmer孙杨, singer and host. They were split into men and women team, with杨远and王威as their team leaders respectively. As an intro to audience, they underwent rigorous physical training that the elite air force unit members go thru (of cos they can't be so strict with the artistes la~) and different tests to qualify for roles of pilot, and towards the end, the "hunter camp".
Can't help but notice王威班长ever since杨幂nicknamed him“小威威”LOL. He looks kinda cute (like the real life version of Soong Joong Ki in DOTS), but is caring and takes very gd care of the newbies... seemingly charming and mature. *And omg he's tough too~ nt shedding a tear even when黄子韬's tearing like mad in the last epi.* I liked刘金沂队长too though he's much fiercer, and I laughed a lot when he came to "matchmaking session" in the army with张蓝心~ they do look compatible. And last but not least, 杨远is the macho 21 yrs-old leader who looked much older than his age lol. *Time to follow their Weibo fangrps lol!*
Artistes-wise, 杨幂 is pretty clever, 蒋劲夫seems to be pretty strong yet weak emotionally at the same time (aft he dislocates his left arm), and黄子韬is one guy who u'd dislike at the start, but grow to like him more towards the end. He is pretty gd at the trainings I gotta say.
And I learnt more about army (well China's) trainings and I salute NS men really! They are risking their life to protect the nation. Now, I can't wait for season 3 where the focus is on their navy.

Rating: 4.5/5


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