Farewell lunch for Justin & Singapore Sports Awards 2016 + MT & SS's hens' activity & staycation + 7th monthsary dinner @ Potato's place + dinner with onion + farewell lunch for Amelia + LL's bday dinner @ Kok Sen + jam practice + meetup with Ben + IKEA date + The Ark singing + hen's dinner for YB @ Pasta Brava + dental visit & Lake Grande showflat

23/6/16 Thurs: HP, Chris, Clarissa, Eugene and I went to CWP for a Jap lunch with Justin as his farewell. Gonna miss this buddy at work lo. Then again, aiyah he can survive if he wants la!
Bryan, Yvonne and I attended Singapore Sports Awards 2016 aft work at Swissotel The Stamford as representatives of STC. 
Food was pretty good, but I still don't uds why Sportsgirl and Sportsboy get different amount of cash awards ($800 vs $1000) for the achievements they have gotten? Am I missing any thing from anywhr? Hmm...
25-26/6 Sat-Sun: So MT, YQ, XY, Mich, LC and I gathered at Mountbattern MRT before taking a bus to Goodman Arts Centre for je t'aime perfume workshop that we reserved for ourselves and the hens to enjoy doing perfumery together!
There are samples of perfumes like "Singapore girls", "market" etc that hangs ard from the ceiling for customers to try... well not all would be to your liking la uh. We were asked to do a personality test first before we could start concocting our own perfumes! 
From the results, citrus (extrovert) and woody (introvert) scents form a large part of my personality. The lady let us play a quiz on the hens haha... had some laughs there but I think it's time I put in more effort in remembering my friends' habits and likes LOL~ 
So we picked out the combination of smells we like from the 50+ bottles comprising of the five different categories, including floral, oriental and fresh. 
Then, we were ready to input our 500drops of personalised perfumes! 
Yay and it's done and sealed! Mine smells very strongly of citrus and lemon, pretty fruity and it's ironic cos I'd prefer floral perfumes all long~ but it seems my personality says otherwise haha. It's okay cos I like this too! The lady can still fix a lil' for u if u are not contented with your perfume... a total of 3 tries if u wanna redo. *$105 per pax for grp of less than 10pax... 3+hrs thr was a gd exp!*
Oh and the mini cupboard of singlular smell perfumes u see up thr? There are over 200 individual smells, which means the perfume u create would be even more personalised than what we did, cos our basics were alrdy compound perfumes... this is more ex la of cos, and pray you don hav blocked nose on the day of the workshop haha!
Dinner was at Cafe Melba juz beside, and YY joined us late aft her musical show. It's western food thr, and I tot the duck and crabmeat pizza was not bad. Others were meh imo. Then, Mich, YQ LC and I uber to Downtown East resort.
WT joined us at night aft coming back from Malaysia, and the gals had our chats as usual. *So happy for LC and XY cos they are attached too haha!* SS, MT and Mich got us eyeshadows, DIY bridesmaid boxes and socks respectively, while I passed them pouches I bought from Hanoi. Midnight, WT and XY left for home, while the rest of us spend the night chatting further. MT and I headed back to slp at about 2+am, Mich and SS were thr to chat but they couldn't take it aft a while too haha.
Hope MT and SS enjoyed the 2D1N spent, and I am looking forward to both their weddings this Sep!
27/6/16 Mon: Headed over to Potato's place aft work (with Hoegarden hehe~) cos he's got a "surprise" - sth about edible flowers for me LOL. Reached his place and found out that MM helped him with the "salmon flowers", and then I helped him decor using the ham, capsicums, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and grilled onion~ He was cooking seafood paella for us and his mum too!
Granted it was his first try at it, and I guess we knew thr was too much water so it became more like risotto LOL~ still the starters, mains and sides (salmon) were all delicious cos of the efforts and thoughts! *What a way to celebrate our 7th monthsary~ I have a creative Potato by my side haha!* 
28/6/16 Tues: Onion gor and I haven't met in like more than a yr, so we had dinner at Time Table cafe aft work, and then headed to blk 490+ for dessert he'd recommend. We chit-chatted under HDB blk for hrs sia, till 11+pm. *Alright, I needa bring him to STC one day.*
29/6/16 Weds: MY, Serene, Eugene and I headed to Bukit Panjang for this nice绍兴鸡河粉at a Malaysian eatery. The taste is gd, but a lil' overwhelming for one aft a while. Best if two could share one serving.
30/6/16 Thurs: Amelia, Scott, Clarissa and I met for lunch at CWP's Pepper Lunch. Farewell for Amelia since she is flying over to Melbourne for uni study for 1.5yrs. She got me a pretty cute owl tote bag too haha~ I'm sure she'd survive well with her upbeat personality, and who knows maybe get an angmoh bf as well leh? Keke~ 
Aft work, KU, Jess, Ahna, KW, LL and I met for a belated bday dinner for LL at Kok Sen coffeeshop. I have been thr before with OOCL colleagues but whoa sey hw popular are the招牌dishes sia cos they went OOS like 8+pm. *Even lime juice also can OOS lor omg...*
I thought only the prawn bee hoon was not bad, other dishes were so-so... not exactly deserving of a queue if all the signature dishes were OOS alrdy. 
2/7/16 Sat: Had dinner at Kokomama marketplace with JM before meeting Leon, Bertha and Derek for 2hrs of jamming session at TNT studio at Park Lane mall, to prep for JM and my 1st public performance session at the Ark with B.L.D band. Everything was cool and new to me in a jamming session cos wow I get to hear myself so clearly, learned how to figure out the music played and I muz say I enjoy it a lot. *I enjoy hearing my own voice LOL~ so自恋.* Headed to Partyworld KTV at Liang Court for 2hrs aft tat... sang till shiok lo haha.
3/7/16 Sun: Ben and I had afternoon tea at KFC near our place, YB couldn't meet us last min. Updated him about YB's proposal, and him about his work and life too. 
4/7/16 Mon: Had Potato accompany me to Chinatown ORO redemption ctr to take Singtel's router, and so we had the famous yong tau foo at the hawker ctr thr for lunch. Aft picking up the router, he initially wanted to bring me to Potato Head Folk for some drinks lol, but I tot juz a cafe place would be better for the hot afternoon, and so he brought me to草根书室cafe whr he bought present for PY last time.
I had their iced yuzu tea which tasted great, Potato ordered latte. There were so many chi books thr la~ some of which has interesting titles I'd like to try finding in NLB haha. Late afternoon, we had nowhr to go, and so Potato tot of finding his mum for dinner, aft our thoughts went over to IKEA haha.
Auntie recommended us Western and沙煲饭but they were not opened, so she tot of trying the grilled food. We ordered sambal stingray, chilli la-la, kangkong and another veggie~ I prefer the seafood there, but the veggies were a lil' too salty for me.
Potato and I walked ard IKEA and shared our opinions of the interiors we liked together... glad we've similar taste. Window shopping at IKEA is fun~ *We both liked the living room below!*
He bought the IKEA token for the ice-cream making machine and showed me how his mum used to buy ice-cream for him and his sis when they came shopping at IKEA when they were young~ so cute haha. *Yes he'd scribble the "Potato love Sweet Potato" msg on one of the transparent board haha~*
5/7/16 Tues: Was at Emirates Singapore Derby's PPD at Chevron House at Raffles place on Tues afternoon. It attracted some working crowd, and I rmb one lady coming up to me and asking what this is about, and aft I explained to her, she replied "Oh no free gift one uh?" she walked away LOL. *We shld hav give-aways like tickets to Singapore Turf Club on ESD day nex time!*

6/7/16 Weds: Had a 1hr final rehearsal at TNT studio with the band before our 1hr performance at the Ark at 8.30pm. *Aiyoh by then I still felt lost gosh.* In the end decided on "放不下" and "A Love Theme" to be sung by me, while the 3 of us will sing超快感together haha. Saw John, SS and YJ having ba chor mee nearby Bugis Cube and so I saw the flowers they'd prepare to give me as a surprise~ *John joked... “唱得好送给你,唱不好就用丢的!” Whatever, I'm still happy they came to support keke!*

Leon sabo-ed me la... 还说我唱曲婉婷的“我的歌声里”sound like her... in the end like shit imo LOL! Cos it's been so long since I last heard that song. 小幸运was from the audience too, but I tot the key was a bit low for me haha. *SS and YJ commented I went too fast anyway haha~* But I'm glad I din do too bad for the songs I'd prep la haha... I liked "放不下" though some friends said they enjoyed my rendition of "A Love Theme". We invited Josephine up onstage to hear her sing a lil bit of "七月七日晴" too.
Yay~ a mini南大中文系gathering! May we all keep in touch often!
9/7/16 Sat: WX, Stephen, YB and I had dinner at Pasta Brava as a celebration for her becoming "Mrs Tan" soon, and her bday. She shared about the interior for her new place and discussed about her ROM etc... it's nice to hear all that and I'm really happy for YB!
11/7/16 Mon: Went for my usual dental visits at Koh Dental... seeing the hygienist for scaling, polishing, flouride input and dentist consultation nia whole process took me 2hrs sia~ And yeah I've finally decided on extracting out my rotten premolar tooth nex wk haha.
Potato and I went to see Lake Grande's showflat in the evening, mainly out of curiosity. It's nice that condos alrdy hav aircons, fridge, washing machine, microwave, wardrobe etc built-in (even security cam!?), plus the smart control~ part of it looks tempting, but man we dun wanna juz eat bread everyday too do we? Anyway, it's gd to learn for us two, and thks to Jovan for bringing us ard!
Had duck rice for dinner at Blk 496, and I brought Potato to Time Table cafe. He ordered the hazelnut cappucinno and lemon meringue. The coffee was gd but cake was juz too sweet and sour. *Okie Hazelnut is one of Potato's fav hmm pt noted!*


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