Meetup with YB & Ben @ Time Table cafe + Dance rehearsal for Alina's wedding + Cycling date with Potato + dance rehearsal 2 + 田馥甄·如果 演唱会with YJ + A Matter of Grave Concern + Eye Check at NTFH

25/2/16 Thurs: YB and I met to chit-chat at Time Table cafe, Ben popped by aft work. She was updating about her flat-searching with BY, and the 3 of us discussed about the interiors etc. *This cafe is cozy and a great place to nua at haha!* 
27/2/16 Sat: Headed to Alina's place aft tuition with Luke for the dance rehearsal for her wedding. One of the brothers, Jokhie was the choreographer for our opening dance. We did the guys and gals' part a few times, dancing to Maroon 5's "Sugar". *Oh well, we had to simplify the steps cos quite a few of us are poor dancers haha.* Alina bought convertible dresses for the 4 sisters in the end, and omg looking at the videos on how to wear the dress makes me feel so stupid~ but Yvonne's so gd at it... she could even help me wear a Toga! 
29/2/16 Mon: So Potato suggested we go cycling once again haha! It's my 2nd time riding a bike, and oh well I got the hang of it pretty fast this time round! *Juz not used to changing gears halfway cos I'm focusing so hard on cycling haha~* I took the city bike, but Stephen let me try his mountain bike too... hey I found it lighter and smoother on the rd somewhat, but my arms got a bit tired aft some time cos I had to stretch them 100% to hold onto the handles. *I even drove bike on the sand~ nt that hard mah! Yes I can ride straight and turn lo, though still swaying a lil now and then, but I can still proudly say I can ride a bike lo! Thk u for ur patience and guidance Potato!*
Even when the sun was scorching hot at like 1+pm, the two big kids still ventured to the playground and played the firefox and climbed the net! He was gd at it la, and he wanted me to go up~ phew I made it! Gd thing it's a Mon and there's practically nobody esle at West Coast park, so we almost had the whole place to ourselves haha! Tired as we are, we hav to fill our stomachs right? So we walked to a nearby eatery and had水饺面... nice leh! *Happens so both of us prefer水饺over云吞.*
Aft I went home to shower, and he did so at SP, we went down to Bugis BHG together cos I wanted to get a memory foam pillow, cos the current pillow I am using that mum bought isn't comfy for slp, and I tot I was experiencing neck sore because of it. Anyway, I got one for $59, which aft using for a wk or so now, it's pretty gd~ juz tat it has a bit of unique smell... okie la don't really bother me. I like how my head "sinks" into the pillow however I turn. 

Brought him to新源记鱼片米粉for dinner cos this place is famous for this! We both tot the soup is sweet~ hmm the extra egg wasn't very cooked, liked the egg white was still transparent, sth I don't really like. And instead of白菜, I would probably have asked for bittergourd instead, cos mum said too much of Chinese cabbage is too "凉" for the body, and I've been having a lot of kimchis recently alrdy haha.
3/3/16 Thurs: Reached Alina's place at about 7pm aft kickboxing at STC. She was cooking, and I was simply there watching her cooking... in awe really, because I don't think I can survive by myself even up till now... feeding my own stomach myself could be a prob at hm haha~ *Nvm I will work towards learning to cook!* She seems to be a perfectionist though, cos she din like her Marmite sauced chicken wings, and almost wanted to throw all away, until Ayden insisted he would hav it. She said it wasn't thoroughly cooked, but aft Ayden heat it up for 4mins in the oven... all's cooked lol. 
Angela joined us at 8+pm, and Alina, me and her learnt the steps to the song for "Dear Future Husband"... haha aft simplifying some steps, okie la... combining this with our grp dance doesn't feel too difficult aft all. 
5/3/16 Sat: Met YJ at Stadium ctrl, and we had dinner at Kallang Wave mall's foodcourt. The Korean bibimbap I had was pretty gd imo. We were there to attend Hebe's IF concert at Indoor Stadium! Leon, HT, LX, Alex and Dennis were thr too.
Hebe's singing was gd, and a total of 30 songs for nearly 3hrs' of concert was worth it too. *Though mine's complimentary thks to YJ lol.* Compared to her last concert 3, 4 yrs ago, which I covered as an intern, it was 95% her own songs this time round, while she did more of remakes last time. But strangely enough, I prefer her remakes lol. Oh and well like what she said herself, she's gd at singing, but not at talking... 没点most of the time. Even when she tried to sound philosophical, I tot it doesn't connect well enough whatever she's trying to bring across. *Kudos to the media though... they can actually "read" about Selina's divorce from thr.* 
Oh yeah, much as I like her songs and style, sometimes it can really scare ppl off. The videos played during her concert were a bit eerie, and the SFX made things worse... I reckon kids would be scared out of their wits here haha. When she sang“请你给我好一点的情敌”and“无事生非”, it's more like hysterical. With the dancers wearing her mask and performing, it does freak ppl out a lil'.

 Rating: 3.75/5
I enjoyed the beginning of this novel, how Abigail Hale, the daughter of the surgeon at Aldersgate School of Medicine first met Maximillian Wilder, who hid his noble identity and joined the notorious body snatchers known as London Supply Company, in order to find his half sister Madeline. Max had to deal with the gang leader Jack Hurtsill, but he didn't expect Abigail to come along, and then fall in love with her. 
Well, two pretty-faced leads lust for each other, but Max has wedding engagements alrdy. Interesting setting for a story, but love line dominates in this novel, nt that dynamic in a sense. 
True love won in the end, as simple as that. Antagonist? Dead.

Rating: 3.25/5
7/3/16 Mon: Scheduled this eye check appt at NTFH 2wks ago, and I wrote down the above to take note of my eye condition and giddiness experienced while using com. My appt time was at 1.50pm, so aft the vision acuity test, the nurse told me to wait for the doctor (rm 29) cos they would be back at 2pm aft lunch. I waited 1hr before I saw this Indian ophthalmologist. I only briefly told him my prob about giddiness, but I guess he's more focused on what the polyclinic doc wrote in the referral letter... so i did an eye screening as arranged. The eye pressure test showed that my eyes were normal (18.4). Then, I went to the optician to do refractive test. There were a bit of differences in the degrees measured when I did at Owndays twice previously, and aft checking today, there's a third reading (L myopia 6.0, astig 0.75; R myopia 5.0, astig 1.00), though both optician and ophthalmologist assured me it's not a big prob. The optician did the eye drop for me, which dilates the pupil in 20mins for the ophthalmologist to do a thorough check into the back of the eyes. Aft another hr or so, I saw the ophthalmologist again, and he shoned this really bright light at the corners of my eyes and into the pupils... dang I felt so blinded la. Conclusion? My eyes were perfectly alright, even if it means I told him I tot I saw more floaters recently, he said it was normal for ppl with higher degree of myopia to see what I'm seeing now. As for my giddiness, he advised me to adjust my seating posture etc, whilst the optician told me not to see thru the peripheral parts of the lenses. 
Spent 3hrs at NTFH and it's gd to hear that there's nth wrong with my eyes atm. But I can't explain the giddiness on and off when using computers~ which I reckon could be slight dry eyes and computer vision syndrome... only prob I can think of now, since I spent long hrs looking at computers, without rest, since yrs ago. *$27.60 for eye check was cheaper than I tot... aft govt subsidy of cos.*
Still, I headed over to Owndays at Jcube to change a new pair of lenses according to the eye degree tested at the hospital. Free change since it's under warranty, and I opted for PC lenses as well.
*Hav to remind myself to rest my eyes every now and then when using com lo!*