Kim's family food + Hitman: Agent 47 & Ippudo + JW mookata +STC Piloxing + JJ lin concert & supper at Gyoza No Ohsho + Oyaku Don dinner + STC Yoga + GE2015 thoughts

And yes I'm back to reality. The 2 weeks' trip to East Africa was an awesome one. I'm in awe with nature's beauty, had great companionship, experienced wonderful activities and gained valuable knowledge. Lots of photos to accompany my memories, and still waiting for some of them from friends, but I hope to blog about my holiday in Tanzania: Zanzibar, Pemba and Kilimanjaro soon. It was a real break for me.
Went for dinner with WH on 30th Aug after our race day duties. I haven't tried Kim's family food restaurant since many yrs ago when I went with PL. I dunno if they underwent any renovation, but it looked bigger to me. Anyway, they had like 12 banchans (a lot as usual~), and I was pretty greedy, so we ordered the seafood pot and pork belly. It was too much, too filling for us! Amounted to like $40 each, which is ex. *下次不要那么贪心了啦~*
After which, we went to Udders which was next to it. Tried the mango and choco mint (?) ice-cream... nice.
Stephen and I caught "Hitman: Agent 47" at Jem Cathay the following Monday.
I didn't know this was originally a game, until Stephen told me! I thought the guy acting as Agent 47, Rupert Friend, reminded me of Orlando Bloom lol! What's funny was they actually came to SG to film this movie!
Sorta enjoyed the show. Nice one. 人,就算是经过“改造”后,也不会是无情的嘛。

Rating: 3.75/5

We had dinner at Ippudo SG... ramen. *feels like I'm always having Jap food when I meet Stephen lol~*
YB, WH, WL and I had mookata at JW on tues night. I reckon we ate quite a lot neh, but it was pretty gd cos we would chat about loads of things haha.
Thurs, I had my first Piloxing lesson at STC, by this female instructor whose known for her "fierce and intense" workout style. It's been more than a mth since I did my last Piloxing workout at JW dance studio, so omg the session was pretty tiring! I know all of the moves alrdy, but there was still a slight difference here and there. Still, a gd sweating session.

YJ brought me along to JJ Lin's concert in SG on 5th Sep, Sat. Poor gal came only after her GE report, and the concert at Indoor Stadium started ard 830pm.
3 hrs concert. I give it to his vocals. We all know JJ is multi-talented as a musician, and that he can sing live very well. There's quite a bit of Jazz element to his music that night I felt, in most songs he sang haha. *Oh well I love Jazz so I dun mind!* 陈天文, the man to "Un-un-un-un-unbelievable" song was thr as a special guest too~ so funny! JJ's parents went up onstage to sing with him, and wow the elder bro can harmonise! His mum could sing too, but she's pretty nervous.

Rating: 3.75/5
YJ hasn't had dinner, so we took the train to PS, and walked over to Cuppage Plaza cos I rmb-ed this Gyoza No Ohsho that Clarissa recommended was nt bad. I finally had the normal miso ramen ($12) this time round, it was ok but YJ's shoyu one tasted more to my liking lol. It was alrdy 1+, 2am by the time I cabbed home.
WH recommended zi char at Bukit Gombak for dinner on Sun. The沙皮鸡was nicer thr than the zi char place near my house. We had seaweed soup, shrooms with豆皮 and fried egg. It's about $20 per pax... okie la.
Aft my IPL treatment on Mon morning, I headed over to Stephen's place~ 有口福啊~ cos he promised to cook dinner for Jere, WX and me! While waiting for the other two to reach for dinner, we were listening to some songs and chit-chatting. I'm not a gd help in the kitchen, so all I did was打鸡蛋nia... lol. The edamame was supposed to be a starter, but both of us were alrdy eating quite a bit in the kitchen lol~ it's really yummy.
Besides that, his sis and him also prepped cheeseballs, cherry tomatoes with baby butterhead lettuce, and Miso soup as starter. The main dish was Oyaku don~ it's not bad la but Stephen doesn't sound like he's satisfied with it haha. I got them green tea, while WX and Jere brought beer and cakes over. It's nice to meetup and chat once in a while.

Did Yoga lesson at STC the nex evening. To think I tot I wouldn't sweat that much... it was actually a slow torture! I realized my breathing getting faster as the 1 hr pass, and some of my poses were off so the teacher had to help correct me a bit haha. *So glad when it was time for "big slp" at the end~ relax shiok!* Yes I will continue with Yoga!

My 2nd time voting in the GE. Stayed up yesterday to watch the GE2015 results broadcasted live on TV. Tharman's team won Jurong GRC, not surprising. I'm pretty shocked by the big overturn by PAP this time round actually. The marginal win by WP over at Aljunied GRC was such a close shave! SDP and CSJ shld work harder and come back again... I feel they need more time.
SingFirst's TJS mentioned that he felt puzzled by the results. They'd talked to residents and that was not the kind of feedback he gt from the ground prior to cooling-off day. Imo, not everyone will speak truth to someone they deem a stranger. Probably just哈拉, and probably SingFirst hasn't reached out enough as yet, being a young team.
As a young citizen, yes we do uds the past, but what we care about is the present, near future and way into the future. We need representatives in the parliament to "curb/monitor" the govt and speak up for ppl no doubt, but first of all, these MPs have to be of convincing caliber and clear-minded and to be able to speak confidently, before ppl decide to vote them as "our representatives" isn't it? Same thing goes to "members" in the ruling party. We don't need ppl who only knows how to "shoot ppl down via speech". Pls concentrate on servicing your ppl and country, if that's what/why ur heart tells u to be in politics. *Shld we one day be given the chance to "vote out" whichever MPs we think undeserving in the Parliament? This would be interesting.* Ultimately, we want the best for SG and Sgreans, so we shldn't stand divided aft all. 

*rRandom tThought: things happen for a reason. things happen when u least expect it, but if it's a change for the better, why not? I can't be stuck in the past forever, cos other ppl are still moving on. I believe in taking in hand, at least for my own happiness and future.*


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