Meditation Walk @ Macritchie + FUTS + Dominos + Ted + JB supper + HT's belated 26th bday!

Invited LL and Jess along to the meditation walk at Macritchie Reservoir... and I didn't expect Leon to be thr to help-out as well! The 5km walk was pretty tiring with all the slopes, and poor LL's soles wore out too.
HSBC tree top walk was a lil' intimidating for me since I've acrophobia.
Volunteered to help out at FUTS event... not bad an exp.
During staff's learning day last weds, all 16grps were asked to try to connect all dominos together... some fun there haha!
ZX recommended the movie, Ted.
Enjoyed the friendship between them.

Rating: 4.25/5

Went for supper at JB with ZX on fri morning. Tried the "loc loc" roadside stall... so-so neh... and the barley drink was bland. Shld try the abalone noodle nex time haha.
Met up with Alina, Ayden and HT on sat and we played console game at E3max at Cine. I did a new pair of glasses at Owndays too... $298... with a 25degrees increase in astig in my right eye omo.
Had dinner at Hifumi at PS... darn the oyster kimchi nabe I had caused me to vomit at midnight after I reached home oh no~ think I had one that's not well-cooked that's why. Was so sick the whole night, and slpt like a log on sun haha.